Tuesday, July 15

Clashes and arrests in West Bank, occupied Jerusalem

WEST BANK, (PIC)-- Violent clashes continued in different parts of the West Bank between Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian youths who took to the streets in support of Palestinian resistance and in protest against Israeli aggression on Gaza.
20 Palestinians were arrested on Monday including a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), while 25 citizens were shot with live bullets in al-Khalil, Bethlehem, and Qalqilya.
On the other hand, a state of tension prevailed among Palestinian worshipers in al-Aqsa Mosque when Israeli forces prevented women and youths under the age of 35 from having access to the mosque.
Israeli forces had earlier attacked a number of women and girls at al-Aqsa Mosque gates, and allowed at the same time Israeli settlers led by the extremist rabbi Yehuda Glick from breaking into the mosque.
Sowaidan family, from Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem, said that their 11-year-old son Sultan is missed since yesterday night till this moment.
Violent clashes broke out in different neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem’s Old City.
In Ramallah, 4 Palestinian youths were arrested after storming and searching their homes in Silwad town and attacking their family members.
Clashes erupted near Pisagot settlement built on al-Bireh’s lands. A number of breathing problems were reported after inhaling tear gas bombs during the confrontations.
In Bethlehem, four Palestinians were detained including a deputy at the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Five citizens were injured including two wounded with live bullets during confrontations that erupted at Bethlehem checkpoint when Palestinians marched in support of Gaza. 
Similar clashes were reported in Marah Rabah and Hossan towns near the city. No arrests were carried out.
For its part, Student Union Council organized a solidarity vigil at Bethlehem University in support of Gaza Strip.
In al-Khalil, 20 Palestinians were injured including 6 with live bullets when Israeli forces suppressed a solidarity march in support of Gaza people.
Palestinian angry youths threw a Molotov cocktail at Kiryat Arba settlement, while clashes erupted at Bab al-Zawiya in the city.
In Jenin, PA forces suppressed a night march in solidarity with Gaza and brutally attacked the participants. Palestinian youths in their turn set fire to car tires before being beaten and attacked.
PA security forces work hard to prevent the outbreak of a third Intifada (uprising) in the West Bank as part of the security coordination with the occupation. Two Palestinians were arrested in Jenin by Israeli soldiers.
In Nablus, a large march was organized last night, while Israeli forces fired tear gas bombs at the participants.
Israeli forces also summoned a Palestinian activist in prisoners’ issue after raiding and searching his home in Tubas which witnessed a night march organized by masked members of Hamas and Jihad movements in the city.
At least one person was injured during clashes that broke out in Qalqiliya between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces. Three young men were arrested during the clashes.

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