Tuesday, July 15

Children in Gaza are Calling for help, Do you have time to Reply ??

Preparing for Ftoor, which is the time were Muslims break their fasting, with different types of food, a huge bomb exploded in front of my house in the backyard . With glass all over the places, rocks and sand all over the house, , no windows left, no doors and glass all over the floor. The question here is whom shall we blame ?? I didn’t carry any rocket and I didn’t bomb any Israeli, I was just sitting peacefully inside my house !! The tears and the screaming of our children broke my heart. My baby Salma is only 2 years old I couldn’t do anything for her, I dint know how to calm her down, she's only 2 years and she can pronounce the word rocket now, she pointed at the rocket and softly  with tears in her eyes and all her body shaking said " Sarook mamma". 
I am pregnant I couldn’t bare the terrible  smell of the rocket and the sand, I felt that I am dying, I couldn’t take my breath. The western media did not mention anything about this, I am not a terrorist , I have no gun nor rockets, all what I dream of is to live peacefully in my country and in my land is it a big request ?? I am one of 1.8 million Palestinians who are going through the same thing every single moment.  Twenty  Palestinians killed and almost  180 injured in two days ,most of them are innocent children below 16 years old. We are human beings for god sake we have feeling, our children and families are suffering, and our houses are being destroyed where is humanity?? Where is the human rights law, and where is the children's right ? Or we  Palestinians are not counted as human beings and we have no right to ask for any right?? Please spread our children's pain and suffering, don't just say "Oh sorry to hear this", be brave like us in Palestine , go on strikes and do something for us, we Palestinians are great need of your help so please try to do something ………..

By Alaa Ibrahim Hammouda, Beit Laheia city 

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