Sunday, July 27

Chicago witnesses the largest pro-Palestine march in US history

CHICAGO, (PIC)-- Large demonstrations have been organized in a number of US cities in support of Gaza, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression on the besieged enclave that resulted in more than one thousand victims so far.
Thousands of American protesters have participated in large pro-Palestinian rallies organized in San Francesco, Dearborn, Memphis, Seattle, and Richmond.
Chicago has witnessed the largest solidarity march with 17,000 participants, recording the largest pro-Palestinian march in American history.
Alliance for Justice in Palestine confirmed that solidarity marches are expected to continue throughout the United States of America calling for an end to Israeli aggression and siege on Gaza.
The protests were also organized in protest against US position in support of Israeli crimes against civilians and children in Gaza, head of the alliance Rafiq Shaibi said.
For his part, a member of the alliance Ghassen Barakat stated that US financial grant to Israel estimated at a quarter billion dollars would increase the popular protests and marches throughout the country.

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