Thursday, July 10

BREAKING NEWS! The U.S has shut down its embassy in Tel-Aviv -Israel Using illegal weapons in it's barbarian aggression

The U.S has shut down its embassy in tel-aviv. according to the protection of foreign embassies is sacrosanct for the host country. it seems as if the  U.S does not think wazreal can protect it. no word yet about whether the embassy staff were evacuated. their days of impunity are over. news report from the Hill website, say ' 'U.S citizens are urged to 'exercise'situationl awareness',ie,hamas rockets dropping out of the sky.

 There will be no services from the embassy today this extraordinary action by the us is being played down by the us govt. no mention on state dept or white house. this could be a us ploy by the obama regime, to get wazrael to cool it.stay tuned

 Reports from Gaza hospitals assert that injured  from the bombings are turning up badly burned, the enemy is using illegal anti-personel weapons. stay tuned, while making loud noises.  this barbarian aggression is ruining the tourist season for the enemy
until return.

 Rhoda Shapiro

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