Wednesday, July 23


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Your callous disregard for the Palestinian people -- attempting to erase the fact of 'israel''s  theft of  Palestinian land  in 1947-'48 by forcible expulsion of the indigenous people & theft of their narrative over more than 65 years -- is now out there for all to se and hear. 

This is the longest-standing refugee problem in the world. You do know that, by international and common law, people living under occupation have the 'RIGHT TO RESIST their usurpers. Yet, you have repeated the mantra of the usurpers — that "israel has the right to defend (?!) itself — not once but twice in the past few days.

This shames us. Was this was your attempt to make us complicit in the war crimes, created by allowing them to commit these crimes against humanity with impunity? We all see the usurper dropping DIME bombs,white phosphorous, and fleshettes like candy-canes. i wonder if you have felt shamed  by their extermination. as we watch the agony of mothers' voices hearing their children scream in a kind of pain known only to themselves.

Do you sleep well at night?  How do you think your daughters will look upon you as they come to really understand what has been happening?

This is being inflicted on an unarmed people, and mightily indeed have the American media been exercising themselves to convince their fellow citizens to keep all these upsetting truths safe in the Land of Amnesia. But are the Palestinians forgotten to the rest of the world?  No, by no means: if you look, you may see peoples from all over the world in support of the Palestinian people's resilience and resistance. 

The world knows that the Palestinians, have been practicing samoud [steadfastness] to hold on to their beloved land until they can liberate it.

Meanwhile, a murmur has been developing through the ranks of the movement for the right of palestinians to return to their lands — a murmur growing into a roar demanding that Israel be KICKED  OUT OF THE UN.  Indeed: there is a tool at hand, viz., UN General Assembly Resolution 273 (of 11 May 1949). This resolution seated Israel conditionally. Today Israel remains the sole General Assembly member ever to be seated conditionally. The condition remains: Israel must facilitate the Palestinians' right of return to their lands and homes. 

Stop funding Israel's wars today: Israel's occupation cannot survive such a move even til tomorrow



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