Thursday, July 10


By Gilad Atzmon 
  • Who cares? The Western media displays little interest in covering the current Israel/ Palestine clashes.
  • The Israeli Hasbara prefers to keep a low profile right now. The current collisions between Israeli policing forces and Palestinians are taking place well within Israel’s pre-1967 borders. This means that for all practical purposes, the Two State Solution has lost any viability. 
  • The so-called Israeli-Arabs, or shall we say, the Palestinians who possess Israeli citizenship are confronting   the brutality of the Jewish mob. 
  • There have been calls for pogroms against Arab-Israeli citizens from all quarters of Israeli society
  • Israel’s ordinarily hawkish government appears relatively restrained in its reaction to Palestinian resistance and Hamas’ action in Gaza.
  • How come? 
  • Israel is waiting and hoping for a disaster. A tragic event would provide its military with an excuse to implement its harshest measures.
  • Bearing in mind that ‘by way of deception’ is deeply rooted in Hebraic culture and Israeli tactics, Israel doesn't really need a Palestinian to provide a pretext for a war.  
  • The conclusion is inescapable,  we are at the brink of a disastrous scenario.
  • The question remains open; is it the 3rd Intifada or Nakba II? Is it a Palestinian uprising or are Israelis ethnically cleansing again?
  • Although the terminology differs, from an Israeli perspective there is no contradiction between the two, they are complimentary steps to the same goal namely, a Jews-Only State 
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