Saturday, July 19

29 killed in Israeli air strikes Saturday morning as toll rises to over 321

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The death toll on Saturday morning 

hit 29 after Palestinian civil defense rescue teams pulled ten 

bodies out of the debris of a home in Khan Younis in the 

southern Gaza Strip as Israeli forces continued their military 

offensive against the Gaza Strip by air, sea, and land for the 

twelfth day.

The killings follow the deadliest day in the conflict so far, 

after Israel killed at least 63 Palestinians and injured more 

than 400 on the first day of their ground invasion of the 

besieged coastal enclave.

Palestinian medical sources say a Palestinian man was killed 

and several others were injured in an Israeli airstrike on a 

car in al-Qarara village in Khan Younis mid-day Saturday. 

Earlier, Muhammad Atallah Audah Saadat, 25, was killed 

and seven others were injured by Israeli raids on Beit 


Three Palestinians from the same family were also killed in 

an Israeli attack in Beit Hanoun.

Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza 

Ashraf al-Qidra said on Saturday morning that Israeli forces 

had "committed a massacre against Palestinian civilians" in 

the Khan Younis district in the southern Gaza Strip 

overnight, killing eight. 

He identified the victims as 20-year-old Yahya Bassam al-

Serri, Muhammad Bassam al-Serri, 17, Mahmoud Ridha 

Salihiyya, 56, Mustafa Ridha Salihiyya, 21, Wasim Ridha 

Salihiyya, 15, Muhammad Mustafa Salihiyya, 22, Ibrahim 

Jamal Kamal Nasr, 13, and Khalid Nasr. 

Twenty people were injured in the same attack including 

some seriously injured. 

On Saturday morning, Israeli forces bombed two houses, 

killing a child named Muhammad Ziad al-Ruhhal and injuring 

dozens more.

Muhammad Abu Zaanouna, meanwhile, was killed during a 

strike on Abraj al-Mukhabarat in Gaza City, which also 

injured five others.

Al-Qidra also said that 27-year-old Raed Walid Laqan was 

killed in Khan Younis by an Israeli attack on a home 

belonging to the Tartouri family. 

Shortly after that, medical sources announced the death of 

Khalid al-Qarra of wounds he sustained earlier on Saturday.

Israeli forces also killed 26-year-old Iyad Ismail al-Ruqab in 

the Bani Suheila village in the Khan Younis district.

Amjad Salim Shaath, 15 succumbed to wounds he sustained 

in Moraj neighborhood in Khan Younis. Two of his brothers, 

Ahmad and Muhammad, were killed in the same Israeli 


In addition, 30-year-old Said Ali Issa was killed in Juhor 

Addik neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip near al-Bureij 

refugee camp. 

34-year-old Ahmad Mahmoud Hasan Aziz was killed by an 

Israeli missile on his home in Abraj al-Nada in the northern 

Gaza Strip overnight as well.

Saturday morning's deaths bring the total death toll of 12 

days of Israeli military offensive in Gaza to 314 in addition 

to 2268 injuries, according to al-Qidra.

The spokesman highlighted that Friday was the deadliest 

day of Israel's military aggression on Gaza with 52 

Palestinians killed as of midnight.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that at least 71 

children, 25 women and 17 elderly people have been killed 

in Israel's assault on Gaza as of Friday night. 

Israel launched its assault on the Gaza Strip -- which it has 

dubbed "Operation Protective Edge" -- in response to rocket 

fire from the area, which had increased in the weeks before 

the operation due to a massive Israeli military operation in 

the West Bank.

10 Palestinians died, more than 130 were injured, and more 

than 600 Hamas-affiliated individuals were arrested during 

that operation, which was launched following the 

disappearance of three Israeli youths in June.

Israel accused Hamas of being behind the disappearance, 

and in addition to the assault on the West Bank launched 

nightly airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under a 

full economic blockade for the last seven years.

Hamas, however, denied the charges, and many have 

accused Israel of using the subsequent deaths of the three 

Israeli teenagers as a pretext for a widespread assault on 

the group.

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