Monday, July 21

25 health institutions demolished in the Israeli aggression

GAZA,(PIC)-- Palestinian Health Ministry said that 25 health institutions were totally or partially destroyed by Israeli warplanes the last of which was the targeting of Beit Lahiya hospital in northern Gaza Strip.
Undersecretary of the ministry Yusuf Abu Rish underlined in a press conference on Saturday that the health sector’s monthly need is 5.6 million dollars, which is not available till this moment.
28.0% of essential medicines hit zero stock in the Central Drug Store in Gaza while 15% are nearing zero, he said, noting that 52% of medical supplies are at zero stock and 10% are nearing zero.
Abu Rish warned of the frequent power shortages and lack of necessary power to operate machines. 50% of the wastewater treatment plants have been damaged, he added, warning of a real environmental disaster in the Strip.
The undersecretary pointed out that around 60,000 pregnant women have been denied heath care, out of whom 20,000 new pregnancy cases, while 10,000 patients with chronic illness were denied urgent health services.
The Health Ministry decided to stop non-emergency surgeries, estimated at 7000 medical operation, at in all Gaza hospitals, he said, noting that 30,000 patients were denied outpatient clinic services during the ongoing Israeli aggression.
Only 47 injured persons were transferred to receive treatment in Egypt, Abu Rish added, calling on the Egyptian authorities to open Rafah crossing before humanitarian cases.
He also called for providing protection to hospitals, health institutions, and ambulances crews.

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