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By Gilad Atzmon 
Surely, what’s happening 
now in Iraq and Syria 
must serve as a final 
wakeup call that we have 
been led into a horrific 
situation in the Middle 
East by a powerful Lobby driven by the interests of one 
tribe and one tribe alone.
Back in 1982, Oded Yinon an Israeli journalist formerly 
attached to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, published a 
Eighties.’This Israeli commentator suggested that for 
Israel to maintain its regional superiority, it must 
fragment its surrounding Arab states into smaller 
The document, later labelled as ‘Yinon Plan’, implied 
that Arabs and Muslims killing each other in endless 
sectarian wars was, in effect, Israel’s insurance policy.
Of course, regardless of the Yinon Plan’s prophesies, 
one might still argue that this has nothing to do with 
Jewish lobbying, politics or institutions but is just one 
more Israeli strategic proposal except that it is 
impossible to ignore that the Neocon school of thought 
that pushed the English-speaking Empire into Iraq was 
largely a Jewish Diaspora, Zionist clan. It’s also no secret that the 2nd Gulf War was fought to serve Israeli 
interests -  breaking into sectarian units what then 
seemed to be the last pocket of Arab resistance to 
Similarly, it is well established that when Tony Blair 
decided to launch that criminal war, Lord Levy was the 
chief fundraiser for his Government while, in the 
British media, Jewish Chronicle writers David 
Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen were busy beating the 
drums for war. And again, it was the exact same 
Jewish Lobby that was pushing for intervention in 
Syria, calling for the USA and NATO to fight alongside 
those same Jihadi forces that today threaten the last 
decade’s American ‘achievements’ in Iraq. 
Unfortunately, Yinon’s disciples are more common 
than you might expect. In France, it was the infamous 
Jewish ‘philosopher’ Bernard Henri Levy who  boasted 
on TV that ‘as a Jew’ campaigning for NATO 
intervention, he liberated Libya.
As we can see, a dedicated number of Jewish Zionist 
activists, commentators and intellectuals have worked 
relentlessly in many countries pushing for exactly the 
same cause – the breaking up of Arab and Muslim 
states into smaller, sectarian units.
But is it just the Zionists who are engaging in such 
tactics? Not at all.
In fact, the Jewish so-called Left serves the exact same 
cause, but instead of fragmenting Arabs and Muslims 
into Shia, Sunnis, Alawites and Kurds they strive to 
break them into sexually oriented identity groups 
(Lesbian, Queer, Gays, Heterosexual etc’) 
Recently I learned from Sarah Schulman, a NY Jewish 
Lesbian activist that in her search for funding for a 
young ‘Palestinian Queer’ USA tour, she was advised to 
approach George Soros’ Open Society institute. The 
following account may leave you flabbergasted, as it 
did me:
“A former ACT UP staffer who worked for the Open 
Society Institute, George Soros’ foundation, suggested 
that I file an application there for funding for the tour. 
When I did so it turned out that the person on the 
other end had known me from when we both attended 
Hunter [College] High School in New York in the 1970s. 
He forwarded the application to the Institutes’s office 
in Amman, Jordan, and I had an amazing one-hour 
conversation with Hanan Rabani, its director of the 
Women’s and Gender program for the Middle East 
region. Hanan told me that this tour would give great 
visibility to autonomous queer organizations in the 
region. That it would inspire queer Arabs—
especially in Egypt and Iran…for that reason, she 
said, funding for the tour should come from the 
Amman office” (Sarah Schulman -Israel/Palestine and 
the Queer International p. 108).
The message is clear, The Open Society Institutes  (OSI) 
wires Soros’s money to Jordan, Palestine and then 
back to the  USA in order to “inspire queer Arabs in 
Egypt and Iran (sic).”
What we see here is clear evidence of a blatant 
intervention by George Soros and his institute in an 
attempt to break Arabs and Muslims and shape their 
culture.  So, while the right-wing Jewish Lobby pushes 
the Arabs into ethnic sectarian wars, their tribal 
counterparts within George Soros’s OSI institute, do 
exactly the same - attempt to break the Arab and 
Muslims by means of marginal and identity politics.
It is no secret that, as far as recent developments in 
Iraq are concerned, America, Britain and the West are 
totally unprepared. So surely, the time is long overdue 
when we must identify the forces and ideologies 
within Western society that are pushing us into more 
and more global conflicts. And all we can hope for is 
that  America, Britain and France may think twice 
before they spends trillions of their tax payers’ money 
in following the Yinon Plan to fight ruinous, foreign 
wars imposed upon them by The Lobby. 
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