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The Pope, Israeli lies and more

The Pope is coming to Palestine, a country under a regime of apartheid and colonialism. The Zionists are greeting him by insisting that they will continue to occupy the site of the last supper and insisting that he visit "Yad Vashem" (a museum exploiting one tragedy to create more holocausts), and "Mount Herzle" named after the guy who is a key architect of ethnic cleansing and colonialism here that cost hundreds of thousands of Arab lives. Christians here (and all other people) have become more and more active in boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against the Zionist regime. Meanwhile Palestinian leadership in Ramallah still seems mired in its old ways of sanctifying pope Abu Mazen. Text of signs here in Bethlehem initially welcomed the gues of Abu Mazen not the guest of Palestine; this text was changed after some uproar though Abu Mazen's pictures remained.  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and many others complained about the unilateral moves and decisions by Abu Mazen without consulting the Palestinian people (and not just his key financially connected yes-men from Fatah). PFLP was promptly denied its financial share from the PLO umbrella (small as it maybe since the PLO was subsumed to the Palestinian Authority and its corrupt officials).These issues and problems portray a liberation movement gone awry after Oslo treacherous agreements. Yet, this does not take away from the justice of the Palestinian cause or the fact that it is inevitable that truth and freedom will prevail. Meanwhile we continue here struggling and sacrificing. Below are glimpses of reality and in particular please note the plight of youth assassinated and prisoners in "administrative detention". Maybe the pope will say something about this continuing suffering.

Israeli military commit crimes and are caught lying (again). This is not the first time the Israeli army assassinates Children and lie about it. In this case two young people are shot with live ammunition and Israeli military said they posed direct threats and that they only used rubber bullets. Footage and other evidence was then released by Defense of Children International which shows the military lied
After significant uproar, even the US State Department and CNN had to pay attention but the arrogant Israeli military is still sticking to its lies

My letter to editor in response to a Zionist standard PR

Palestinian Hunger Strike: “Either I Go Home – Or I Go in a Plastic Bag” - See more at:

Interactive on Gaza under siege

Newsweek says Israel won't stop spying on the US
Newsweek follow-up article on Israeli extensive spying on the US

The Lab: by Yotam Feldman: A unique insight into the world of Israeli arms dealers selling weapons and experience around the world. Armies and police around the world are interested in the latest Israeli weapons and their military tactics, which have been refined by fighting in the occupied territories. With unique access, Witness follows private Israeli arms dealers in their day-to-day work; making deals, attending arms fairs, shipping weapons, and
inspecting armed forces overseas. This film reveals how the Israeli arms industry is making vast profits worldwide, and partly thanks to their activities in the occupied territories...

Aljazeera: Israel's Drone Dealers by Yotam Feldman People & Power investigates how Israeli drone technology - first tried and tested in Gaza - came to be used by the US and its allies in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

From Akka, the remaining Arabs reject continued ethnic cleansingمن عكا مش طالعين !

Come visit us in Palestine
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Mazin Qumsiyeh

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