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Israel vs Palestine Featured On Rap News



& PALESTINE [S02:E04]. 

Decades of 

failed peace talks have led 

nowhere; but do not lose hope just yet. 

Join Robert Foster as he attempts to host the first ever Middle East 

Peace Raps, using rhyme and reason to bring together Israeli Prime 

Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, and a representative of 

Hamas. We investigate the key arguments, counter-arguments and 

ad-hominems from both sides. But the picture would not be 

complete without a thorough discussion of "America's last taboo", 

as Edward Said once referred to it: the USA's role as Israel's best 

(and only) buddy in the world (Ok, together with Australia). 

Featuring special cameos from prominent American Jewish 

scholar, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and Palestinian rap legends, 

DAM, this is an episode for the ages. Join us as we bravely (or 

perhaps stupidly) take on one of the most bitter, divisive and 

controversial conflicts of our times: Israel & Palestine.

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a 

suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on 

Wurundjeri Land.



Main beat: "Look Away" by 

Profetesa: (with 

additional composition work by Giordano Nanni)

MSMBS beat: "Basement Freak" by 


Check out Profetesa Beats here: 

Ken Oathcarn beat: "K-Kids" by Able8 and 


DAM cameo: Massive thanks to Tamer Nafar, Suhell Nafar and 

Mahmoud Jreri (aka DAM) for appearing in this episode and 

filming their scene in Ramallah. Check them out at their 

site: This collaboration could not have 

been possible without the help of @LondonBDSGroup, Arianne 

Shaffer from the Kindle Project: and 

Amber Fares from Speed 


Norman Finkelstein cameo: Awesome gratitude to Norman for 

agreeing to lend his powerful voice to this episode. We thank Ken 

Klippenstein for putting us in touch with Norman; and all who 

helped with the recording and shoot in New York: Nancy Mansour 

aka Harrabic Tubman, Omar Abarubb (a.k.a Boy Hydro), 

AymanEl-Sayed ( and Draf of Damatrix 


ScarJo cameo: thanks to Scarlett for being a good sport and 

agreeing to take part. Ok, seriously: Thanks to Ellen Burbidge for 

her brilliant Scar-Jo impersonation; and to Lucy Cahill for 

providing the voice. 

All other acting by Hugo & Giordano.

Animations by Rap News fx-wizard, Jonas Schweizer (aka 


Amazing prop engineering by ZoĆ« 


Images by Photoshop ninja Zoe 


Make-up courtesy of Rosie Dunlop. 

Filming / video-editing assistance and all round legendary support 

by Damian Tapley. 

Photography in Israel/Palestine by Suhell Nafar and Dan Cohen.

Captions syncing by Koolfy from

Wigs styled and provided by Rose 


Video and music editing by Giordano.

A special thanks to the sage Patrick Wolfe for consultation and 

conversations about Israel/Palestine; and to DBot and Adso 

Ferguson for providing invaluable feedback on the script.

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Many thanks to:

Amit Gilutz for Hebrew translation

FL-Bremen for German translation 

Jonas Maebe for Dutch translation

Tamara L for Serbian translation

Frederik E-C for Danish translation

Julie Chatagnon for French translation

Prokhor Ozornin for Russian translation

Euclides Filho for Portuguese translation

Peter and Paul for Romanian translation

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