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Israel Settles Uganda

Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were 

strangers in the land of Egypt.Exodus 22:21

On April 5, 2014, the African Refugees in Israel Affair reached a peak following new deportations, this time to Uganda and Rwanda.
It is difficult to assess the extent of historical understanding of PM Netanyahu. He recently purchased a newspaper, thus his knowledge may improve. However, the ongoing state-violence he commanded against African refugees proves that he must still study a lot. On the other hand, one may seriously claim that he had carefully studied Israeli history books about Nazi Germany and now is adapting them to the reality of his fiefdom.
Since the beginning of the year, Netanyahu keeps saying that the Africa refugees' problem has been solved. A new fence along the border with Egypt, solider than the mighty one with Syria is blocking the path. Israeli "Las Vegas," the new IDF complex of instruction bases has placed a solid barrier on the desert near Beer Sheva.
African Workers Protesting in Tel Aviv
African Workers Protesting in Tel Aviv, note their Hebrew signs
For Israeli Racism see Kahane's They Must Go
The new report claims that 81 African refugees had been deported in flights since the start of the year. The massive protests of Africans have transformed the issue into public; Netanyahu was unlikely to ignore that the issue had not been solved as per his declarations.
Yet, Netanyahu is infamous in Israel for not saying the truth to the extent that his coalitional partners forced him to sign a letter of commitment before the crucial votes on several laws in March. When this became public he faced a minor scandal since coalitional agreements must be disclosed at the parliament.* One more lie regarding African refugees cannot spoil his image.
Most refugees arrive from Sudan, South Sudan, and Eritrea to Israel, via the Sinai Peninsula. Their trip is facilitated by Bedouins, who de facto control that desert. In the African workers section of this website, I expand on the discrimination, inhuman deportations, and crimes faced by African refugees in Israel. This is also the result of wild accusations made against them by prominent rabbis.+
Things deteriorated to such an extent that Israel replaces the names of the refugees with Nazi-style numbers. Even the Israeli Court was forced to repudiate the action.
The deportation of refugees is a violation of international treaties signed by Israel. The situation of the Sudanese is especially difficult. If they return to their country after having been in Israel they may face a death sentence after being accused of having been recruited as spies by Israel.& This was proved a few days ago, when Sudan announced having arrested a ring of its citizens spying for Israel.
Invariably, Israel claims that the refugees leave out of their own will. This is not true.
After they apply for refuge or are caught working without a permit, they are put in jail Saharonim or detention center Holot. They are given the option to stay there or leave to their countries. Using such definitions it could be claimed that the Nazi work camps were state-sponsored summer resorts.
Trying to cover the tracks of their own crimes, Israeli civil servants force the deportees to sign a document titled "Willing Deportation." This is done by Israel's Population Authority, which refuses to explain its crime. When approached, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Ministry of Justice claim that the topic is under the jurisdiction of the Population Authority and thus they cannot comment.
Until now, the deportations used a third country as a decoy towards the Sudanese authorities, especially Egypt. Following the international outrage, Isreal changed tactic, and started searching for other countries willing to accept the refugees.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame
Rwandan President Paul Kagame visiting Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, 2008
Do you know? Six Million Ships

In June 2013, the Supreme Court dealt with the Infiltration Law, following a petition to the Supreme Court by the refugees. In September, the Court nullified the law and the State promised that it had a relocation agreement with a third-country for Sudanese and Eritrean refugees.
The identity of the deportation country was kept secret. In January 2014, Israel announced to have hermetically closed its southern border and that it will deport all the African refugees. On January 14, 2014, Minister of Interior Gideon Saar said to walla! that the agreement "faces difficulties that we hope will soon be solved," openly mentioning Uganda for the first time.
Apparently, Uganda did not like the disclosure in Court of what was supposed to be a secret agreement.
He spoke also at the Knesset's Interior Committee, saying "In parallel the Government of Israel continues searching for other countries ready to accept the refugees through Hagai Hadas, from the Prime Minister Bureau." Today it was disclosed that the other county is a neighbor of Uganda, Rwanda.
Refugees detained at Holot told yesterday to Haaretz that Sudanese are now deported to Uganda and Rwanda; among the speakers was Sudanese citizen Mutsim Ali, one of the refugees' leaders. They are given a flight ticket and $3,500. Upon arrival without documents, they have three days to reach the Immigration office or must leave the country. Those arriving at the Immigration gets permits for short stays between ten days and three months.
An Eritrean citizen deported to Rwanda claimed that he got a 10-day tourist visa and no other documents.
All testimonies from Uganda and Rwanda claim that there is no work waiting for them there. Once they spend the money, they are left with nothing, not even a legal stay permit. Refugees sent to Uganda claim that they cannot approach refugee agencies since the disclosure that they have been in Israel has similar effects to those in Sudan.
Rami Godobitz is an Israeli citizen who runs a school in Uganda for South Sudanese children that had been deported from Israel. While travelling there through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he found one of the Sudanese deportees being arrested by the Ethiopian authorities at the airport. The refugee had recognized him from their meetings in Tel Aviv, and called him in Hebrew, even remembering his name. Rami took a picture and posted it in his web page while the refugee was taken to a dark dungeon.
Israel, where is your heart?
Uganda Program Regurgitated
Many plans were considered by the Zionists for the creation of a Jewish National Home. They even achieved gains in the USSR, where the Jewish Autonomous Oblast still exists after the collapse of the Soviets. The most bizarre and not completely proved attempt was the Fugu Plan.$ Named after the Japanese word for puffer-fish, a delicacy which can be fatally poisonous if incorrectly prepared, this plan apparently proposed the resettlement of European Jewish refugees in Imperial Japan. However, the most serious was backed by the British Empire.
The British Uganda Program was presented by British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain to Zionist leader Theodore Herzl in 1903. He offered 13,000 km2 of the Mau Plateau in what is today Kenya; in 1905, the Zionists rejected the offer.
Jewish Autonomous Oblast in red
Jewish Autonomous Oblast in red
C.S. Lewis and The Bright Shadow of Holiness
More than a century later, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is grotesquely regurgitating the plan, sending Sudanese to create pariah settlements of refugees illegitimately deported from Israel in Uganda.

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