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Ultra-Orthodox Jews oppose the "evil Israel draft law

I have been asked to distribute this email in support of Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Ed Corrigan

The government of the State of Israel is now discussing a new law. This new law will attack religious freedom and on religious people (see below). Please don't be silent! Fulfill your moral obligation and join the WORLDWIDE DRIVE  to PETITION government officials in defense of religious freedom. The email you received is  a part of the WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN ISRAEL. and will be sent in the future months to 120 MILLION people in America, as well as half a BILLION people in other countries.
It's easy and fast:

Click the link to the religiousfreedominisrael.com website.

1) Enter your name (optional)
2) your email address
3) your zip code
4) click send to send the message to INTERNATIONAL and ISRAELI politicians.

Remember: every single PETITION is important! 
 according to the פסק הרבנים every single person is מחיוב to petition!

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    Please join the global protest:

    50,000 Jews demonstrating in front of the Israeli army’s Recruiting

    Office in Jerusalem

    on May 16, 2013

    100,000 American Jews demonstrating at Federal Plaza

     in New York City

    on June 9 2013

    Several thousand Jews

    in front of the

    European Union

     in Brussels
    on July 1 2013      
     These 3 demonstrations in Israel ,Europe & America
    represent the majority of ultra-Orthodox Jews in
    the world.

    — They ask of the world“Please do not be silent! Please speak out against the injustice done to the ultra-Orthodox, by drafting them into the Israeli army, against their religious conscience!"

    — Please Join the Global Protest by Clicking Here
    and spend 3 minutes to help us spread the message
  What is the demonstrators’ message to the world?

    The demonstrators are proclaiming to the world that the State of Israel does not represent the Jewish nation. In fact, they are against everything Judaism stands for and they systematically undermine the fundamentals of the Jewish faith.
    Judaism is based on the belief in G-d’s existence and His creation of the world, the belief that G-d controls the entire world to the minutest detail from Creation until this very day, and the observance of the Torah’s commandments, which were given to the Jewish people over 3000 years ago at Mount Sinai. 

    Belief in G-d and the observance of the Torah are what define the Jewish people as a nation. Anyone who does not adhere to the Torah’s way of life cannot speak for the Jewish People.
    The State of Israel willfully undermines faith in G-d and Torah observance.
    How does the State of Israel undermine Judaism?

    The founder of the Zionist philosophy that later led to the establishment of the State of Israel, was an atheist who denied G-d’s existence and did not keep the Torah’s commandments. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodor_Herzl)
    Likewise, the State of Israel’s founder and first prime minister was an atheist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Gurion  All presidents and prime ministers and most political leaders of the State of Israel to this day have been non-believers who did not keep the commandments.

    Throughout the 65 years of the State’s existence, they have forced entire communities of Jews, including millions of adults and children, to abandon all religious Jewish practices. They destroyed their faith and spitefully prevented them from keeping the Torah’s commandments. (See Genocide in the Holy Land, by Moshe Schonfeld, available onlinehttp://www.truetorahjews.org/images/genocide.pdf.)

    Their education system teaches millions of children to deny G-d’s existence and spurn the Torah. As a matter of fact, the very act of establishing a State, without waiting for G-d’s redemption through the Messiah, is against Torah law. Fighting with the non-Jewish neighbors is also fundamentally against Torah law. (Talmud, Kesubos 111a)

    In summary, the Zionists and the State of Israel constitute the greatest threat to Judaism, by undermining Jewish belief and practice.
    What is the purpose of Israel’s current effort to draft religious Jews?

    The new draft law is part of a veiled effort to continue their goal of “reeducating” religious Jews. Many of their politicians have said so explicitly. The greatest proof that the draft is ideologically motivated and does not arise from a military need is that most Israeli army generals are opposed to the idea, claiming that the army does not need more soldiers to train, especially not the ultra-Orthodox who will be uncooperative due to ideological and religious opposition to the draft.

    As a matter of fact, in 2012, the army did not even have enough funds to call up its current trained reserves.
    How come I never heard of the ultra-Orthodox view before?

    Unlike other Jewish groups, religious and non-religious, who make efforts to reach the media and engage in lobbying, the ultra-Orthodox are busy with their quiet lifestyle, keeping Torah law, raising families, and running their schools to educate their children on the Jewish path. When they are sufficiently enraged at anti-religious policies in Israel to actually take to the streets, their views are sometimes misunderstood by the media.

    What do the ultra-Orthodox ask of the world?

    “Please do not be silent! Please speak out against the injustice done to the ultra-Orthodox, by drafting them into the Israeli army, against their religious conscience!”
    Is there anything I can personally undertake to promote religious freedom in Israel?

    Yes. By clicking here you can join the global protest. Fill in your zip code and name (name is optional) on the online form and press the send button to send emails to the Israeli embassy, consulate and government, demanding that they stop abusing the rights of religious Jews!
    The reasons why Orthodox Jews refuse to serve IDF

    Click to watch
    the video.

     Please make sure —
     to forward this email to all your friends and relatives.

     Thank you for your help in fighting religious persecution and promoting tolerance and freedom!
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The Worldwide Committee for Religious Freedom in the Holy Land
    Spread the word.

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