Thursday, March 6

Trigger-happy Israeli killng in the West Bank

amir Awad was just 16 years old when Israeli soldiers shot 

and killed him in January 2013 as he fled from the place 

where a number of Israeli soldiers ambushed a group of 

Palestinian children who were protesting against the 

construction of Israel's fence/wall, which cuts across the 

village of Bodrus, near Ramallah in the Occupied 

Palestinian Territories (OPT), where they lived. 

Eyewitnesses attested that Samir Awad and the other 

children were posing no 

serious threat to the soldiers 

who fired at them, or to 

others. Yet, more than one 

year later, the Israeli authorities have failed to ensure any 

accountability for his death or for their soldiers' use of live 

fire against Samir Awad and the other children. 


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