Sunday, March 16

Palestinians tortured to death in Syrian prisons

The Working Group for Palestinians in Syria has said that nearly 150 Palestinian refugees have been tortured to death died in Syrian regime prisons since the start of the revolution in 2011. Two more died as a result of torture on Sunday, revealed Saffa news agency: a child named Noureddine Majid Khalili from Al-Aiedoon refugee camp in Homs, and Mamoun Mohammed Al-Mohammad from the Yarmouk refugee camp.
The Group added that Daraa refugee camp has been bombed heavily when violent clashes erupted between Free Syrian Army troops and soldiers loyal to the regime near the camp. The residents live in a state of fear and panic because of snipers who shoot at anything moving in the streets; many refugees are thus trapped in their homes.
Meanwhile the siege of Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus has entered its 245th day, leading several international human rights organisations and the UN to warn of a humanitarian catastrophe. The camp lacks food and medicine and has seen 131 refugees die of starvation and disease.

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