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"Netanyahu, We will neither forgive nor forget"

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption2 Peter 2:19

Second victory in two 

consecutive days. The 

new Conscription Law was 

approved by the Knesset 

on March 12, 2014. 

Shortly before that, the 

law had 

managed to gather the largest protest in Israel's 

history, when 600,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews 

protested against it in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu should not be happy. Abusing and humiliating part of the people in order to make happy his voters is a characteristic of democratic-savages. Netanyahu should not be happy even if he fails to understand the reasoning of the previous sentence. While opening champagne$ bottles in Jerusalem, not far from there Netanyahu was defeated by the Ultra-Orthodox.
Netanyahu at the Knesset
Netanyahu at the Knesset, March 12
See "Bimbo Son of a Minority:" Semantics of Israeli Racism
The third vote on the law ended as oddly as yesterday's vote on the Governability Law ("Arabs Out!" The Knesset Voted). The vote was boycotted by the opposition, which includes all Ultra-Orthodox parties. Even the Labor boycotted the event. Netanyahu should not be happy; everybody is telling him that he is acting illegitimately. Obtuse, he keeps hitting his people, as savages do.
The law approved* increases the number of Ultra-Orthodox men to be conscripted by the IDF. It also settles a complex set of exemptions. Changes will be gradual until 2017. The first step in the implementation is freeing thousands of men that were denied the right to work because they refused to go to the army.
Netanyahu could claim that he made a compromise, since Ultra-Orthodox men studying in yeshiva religious colleges will easily avoid conscription.
The religious communities see that differently since they oppose conscription at all. Moreover, Netanyahu's policy imposes an inverse racial quota.
The law forces Heads of Yeshiva Colleges to provide a suitable harvest. If their colleges fail to supply a given quota of conscripts, they will be financially sanctioned by the State, which would cut their budgets as per the percentage of the failure. Heads of Yeshiva Colleges would have personal responsibility to give yearly reports to the State on their harvest.
Jewish Quota, also known as Jewish Numerus Clausus existed during parts of the 19th and 20th centuries in Imperial Russia, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Canada and the United States. In the latter, Nobel laureate Richard P. Feynman, a physicist, was rejected by Columbia College in the 1930s due to its Numerus Clausus policy. Could you imagine Germany passing such a law now? Israel just did.
Lord of the Flies
"What happened to Ralph? Blame it on mob mentality or the lure of primitivity, but our admirable protagonist just joined the ranks of the savages"
Lord of the Flies
The Numerus Clausus was the most humiliating part of the new law. "Don't you like the Zionists? Go back to your Nazi Czar!" Netanyahu said to those who did not vote for him. Beyond doubt, he is an exemplary democrat-savage.
One of the first reactions to the shame came from Member of the Knesset Moshe Gafni, member of the Ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party. Before the protest last week, he had said "We will set accounts with the evil governors" (See Ultra-Orthodox Leader: "We will take revenge against Israel").
Today, minutes after the vote he said "We will neither forgive nor forget."
Member of the Knesset Moshe Gafni
Member of the Knesset Moshe Gafni
Image from the Knesset Channel
Note the empty votes of the opposition
The Great Dictator
Ultra-Orthodox newspaper Kikar HaShabat immediately featured a lamentation article which started "The Netanyahu-Lapid-Bennett coalition reached this morning a new record in its campaign of persecution of the religion and the torah in the Land of Israel, by approving the discriminatory Conscription Law, which will send religious students to jail for the sin of studying torah." The entire text was much harsher than this excerpt.
Jerusalem winter's morning was heated by political fire. Busy abusing people, Netanyahu didn't bother to notice the words "revenge" and "setting accounts," which are repeated time and again by Ultra-Orthodox Jews these days.
Re-Elections in Beit Shemesh
Police brutality duting the re-elections in Beit Shemesh, March 11, 2014
Note the secret police agent in civilian clothes
Why the international community invariably accepts Zionist violence?

The Revenge of the Ultra-Orthodox
Beit Shemesh is a small Jewish town not far from Jerusalem. The results of the municipal elections last October were nullified by the Court because fraud was proven. One day before the vote on the abovementioned law, new elections took place. There were slightly over 50,000 registered voters.
The Ultra-Orthodox incumbent mayor, Moshe Abutbul of Ultra-Orthodox party Shas, was challenged by Eli Cohen, representing The Jewish Home, part of Netanyahu's coalition.
"Campaign" is an appropriate word, after all what happened there was a war. Both sides conscripted all their reserve soldiers and attacked with spoon, forks, knives and anything capable of inflicting damage. Toothpick-arrows darkened the skies.
Corrupt to the extreme, The Jewish Home used soldiers and police to bring from the army to the town all soldiers that could vote in the elections.
Celebrating the Ultra-Orthodox union achieved in the recent mega-protest, all Ultra-Orthodox factions united in a heroic attempt to defeat the secular state. "This isn’t an election campaign, but a war," declared MK Moshe Gafni to a local newspaper.
Busy drinking champagne, Netanyahu found himself eating dust. More than a thousand votes separated Moshe Abutbul from the secular usurper.
Mr. Netanyahu the situation is quite clear. You have declared war on your own; the latter are righteously defending themselves. I just want to ask you a small favor. Please look again at the image opening this article. In which other countries laws are approved with no opposition? Can you answer that?

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