Thursday, March 27

Mazin Qumsiyeh Is Coming To The United States & Canada

I leave Palestine to the USA and Canada (West Coasts) Saturday. I will be speaking at a few venues about human rights and why I am (still) optimistic about our common humanity.  My tentative schedule is posted here

I feel guilty to leave for I am always glad to be in Palestine despite the difficulties. Sharing in sad events and in good events both help me stay sane.  Just today (Wednesday), we buried my uncle Fawzi (the last of six brothers on my father’s side). I felt very sad but also strangely comforted by the family unity with dozens of my cousins all around supporting each other.  I felt sad as Palestinian factional leaders traded accusations as Israeli forces invaded Jenin Refugee camp and killed 21 year old Hamza AbuHaija (of Hamas, father and brother in Israeli jail), Yazan Jabarin (16 year old from Fatah), and Mohammad AbuZaina (23 year old from Islamic Jihad). But thousands attended their funeral and people here show solidarity in ways totally unexpected (e.g. camp people joined hands regardless of faction and all were angry at the Palestinian authority which continues to “negotiate” with the obstinate Israeli government even as Israel increased settlement activities 120% more than last year. A visit by the British consul to Bethlehem University elicited a demonstration by students who recalled the Balfour Declaration. Continued denial of rights of refugees to return and even their right to free movement within the occupied areas elicited a breach of the segregation wall followed by Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinian youth in Aida camp injuring seven. A home was demolished in the Jordan valley. The Israeli Knesset passed more laws to discriminate and intensified its repression and denial of rights while the Arab governments exchanged more flowery language about supporting Palestine in their "summit". And on and on. But I see goodness in common people: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics and others from around the world come to help advance peace and justice. May all of us move beyond this very difficult stage and rise to the challenge before us: staying individually human and building our common humanity.

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Stay human and come visit us in Palestine

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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