Sunday, March 2

Is AIPAC trying to stop you from seeing this video?

A new copy of a satirical version of an AIPAC policy conference promotional video has been posted online after YouTube shut down the account that posted the original video.
The parody video was posted on YouTube prior to the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference, which is to be held from March 2 to 4.
The video contains real footage of several US and Israeli officials at previous AIPAC policy conferences but their voices are dubbed over.
“It’s exciting to see so many people together who understand that sometimes you have to violate other people’s human rights if you want to take their land,” a voiceover from a supposed conference-attendee says.
“Where else can you find so many compassionate elected officials willing to forgive and forget Israel’s defiance of international law?” says another voice.
“Our job is to prevent the third Palestinian Intifada, ensure a nuclear-armed Israel and an Israel that always gets American taxpayers’ money,” the voice dubbed over US Vice President Joe Biden says.
“I thank you for your zealotry, I thank you for your prejudice, and I thank you for standing up for the apartheid state of Israel,” says the voice dubbed over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
AIPAC, which is the most powerful pro-Israel lobby group in the US, has threatened CODEPINK, a peace and social justice movement working to end US-funded wars and occupations, with legal action over the controversial video clip that it alleged was made by the peace group activists.
After the account that posted the original video was shut down by YouTube, CODEPINK tweeted a new copy has been posted, saying it “looks like someone put back up that AIPAC video!”
However, the peace group says AIPAC’s threat of legal action is “absurd” and shows that the video is actually a reflection of the lobby group’s “dangerous” agenda.
“It is absurd for AIPAC to threaten legal action over such an obviously satirical video. It is interesting that they are reacting so strongly to the clip, though. Perhaps it's because the content is really an accurate reflection of AIPAC’s dangerous foreign policies,” said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.
“AIPAC does, in fact, advocate for bombing countries such as Iran and Syria; it fails to condemn Israel's continued building of settlements and its human rights abuses against Palestinians; and it lobbies Congress to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel to continue the occupation of Palestine.” She added, “What are they trying to hide by silencing this video?”
CODEPINK has called on antiwar activists to join its annual protests this Sunday called “Boycott AIPAC” at the lobby group’s policy conference.

A Posted comment:
"Israel has occupied not just Palestine, but America too. Cunning distribution of enormous amounts of Jewish money have wrested control of our congress, wrecked our economy and enabled Israel's wars and racist malevolence. The Wall Street felons remaining unpunished, lack of treason indictments, and AIPAC actually writing congressional legislation attest to the depth of the occupation. The government of the United States of America is being quietly overthrown from within and transformed into a world dominating racist ultrapower, the JEWISH STATE OF AMERICA. "

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