Sunday, March 16

Gaza's only power plant stops working

The vice chairman of the Palestinian Energy Authority in the Gaza Strip, Fathi El-Sheikh, said that the beleaguered territory's only power plant will stop working on Sunday at midday due to a lack of fuel.
El-Sheikh said, however, that the plant will resume supplying citizens with six hours of electricity per day when the Qatar-donated fuel arrives in the Gaza Strip via the Karam Abu Salem crossing. Qatar has transferred $10 million to supply the power station with fuel for three months.
The authorities in Gaza, said, El-Sheikh have been "assured" that the Palestinian Authority's debt to the Israeli fuel company will not affect the supply of the donated fuel. "The money has been paid in advance," he pointed out. "The reduced supply to our citizens will continue until the problem is solved and normal service can be resumed."
Israeli media sources had predicted that the Gaza Strip will witness long hours of power cuts in the coming days due to the fuel company's decision not to supply the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah until it pays its accumulated debt which now exceeds 350 million shekels (around $100m).

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