Saturday, March 8

And all of a sudden as a godsend, Israel captures a ship from Iran with missiles. Just a coincidence?

Iran says Israel fabricated Gaza weapons claim

Baku-APA. Iran's foreign minister on Friday sharply rejected 

an Israeli allegation that Tehran tried to ship missiles to the 

Hamas-run Gaza Strip, calling it a "lie", APA reports quoting 


Israel has said it captured a Gaza-bound ship Wednesday 

carrying dozens of Syrian-made rockets "capable of striking 

anywhere in Israel".

The raid coincided with a high-profile US trip by Prime 

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met with President 

Barack Obama for discussions on a Middle East peace deal.

"Netanyahu is in Washington... and all of a sudden as a 

godsend, they capture a ship from Iran with missiles. Just a 

coincidence?" Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad 

Zarif said during an official visit to Jakarta.

"If Netanyahu is a saint and can produce miracles I believe 

the Israelis themselves will be amused by that," he said.

"So if you cannot believe in miracles by Netanyahu, the only 

thing that you can believe is that this is a lie. And it is a lie."

The Israeli raid targeted a Panamanian-flagged ship in the 

Red Sea between Eritrea and Sudan.

"For the arms to go through Sudan and from Sudan back to 

somewhere and from that somewhere to Gaza -- this is 

more like delusional thinking rather than even serious 

propaganda," he said.

During a visit to Los Angeles on Thursday, Netanyahu 

compared Iran's leadership to Adolf Hitler.

"He called then for the destruction of Israel and Iran today 

calls for the destruction of Israel," Netanyahu said.

"We shall not allow Iran to arm itself with the capability to 

destroy us."

Iran, Russia, China, France, Germany, Britain and the 

United States met in Geneva on Wednesday for three days 

of negotiations on a decade-long dispute over Tehran’s 

nuclear energy programme.

The United States, other Western powers and Israel have 

long suspected Iran of using its civil nuclear energy 

programme as a cover for developing atomic weapons, a 

charge denied by Tehran.

Iran in recent talks agreed to roll back on its programme in 

return for an easing of sanctions.

Talks aimed at reaching a comprehensive and permanent 

deal are to begin in New York next month.

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