Monday, February 24

Richard Falk's Final U.N Report

FM: John Whitbeck
Transmitted below is a link to a Times of Israel news story, appropriately slanted for a primarily Israeli readership, on the forthcoming final report as UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in occupied Palestine of my old friend and ultra-distinguished recipient Richard Falk. The text of the report, to be delivered next month, has apparently been acquired and leaked by the pro-Israel NGO “UN Watch”.
As is his custom, Richard uses this ultimate opportunity to speak self-evident truths with an unvarnished frankness guaranteed to upset and offend supporters of ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid, both in Israel and in other settler-colonial states.
While Richard has for some time used the term “legitimacy war” to describe the best way forward in the pursuit of justice in Israel/Palestine, I personally prefer the less belligerent term “ethical intifada” for the “shaking off” of mental and intellectual chains and liberation from immoral double standards which could and should now occur worldwide.

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