Friday, February 14

Neil Young Let Your Song Keep on Rocking in the Free World' have real meaning, Don't Play in Israel!

Being a Neil Young junkie, his recent announcement that he plans to perform in Israel has left me saddened and confused. After his recent tour in support of Indigenous rights in Canada, it doesn't make sense to me that he'll be turning his back on the rising tide of international support for Palestinian civil society, which has put out a call for a cultural boycott of Israel until Israel abides by international law and respects Palestinians' human rights. Tell Neil young NOW that you think he should reconsider and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their non-violent struggle for freedom.
Young's been a passionate defender of freedom throughout his career, writing songs like 'Ohio', protesting state violence against innocent civilians. While 4 Americans were shot dead at Kent State for protesting American war crimes in Southeast Asia,Israel shot dead 13 unarmed Palestinians (12 of whom were Israeli citizens) in 2001 during protests against Israel's violent campaign in the West Bank. To this day, no Israeli has been held accountable. Will Neil Young stay silent?
With 4 dead in Ohio, there were 1400 Palestinians murdered in Gaza, including roughly 400 children. The massacre took place during Israel's horrific assault on the besieged territory during 'Operation Cast Lead'. Will Neil Young listen to the Palestinians, or will he play to the tune of Israel's Apache helicopters and Hellfire missiles? Tell Neil Young to do what's right--stand up for human rights and social justice by refusing to play Israel.
You can watch IJV's video showing the similarities between the war crimes committed by the US in Vietman, and the crimes committed against Palestinians -- to the song 'Ohio'. (WARNING: contains graphic content)
If you have twitter, tweet Neil Young and incude these popular hashtags: #palestine, #BDS, #cdnpoli. You can also use our hashtag #DontPlayIsrael.
If you have Facebook, post on his fan page, and share this message: on your social media.
Let's hope that Neil Young will play in the region when The Wall finally comes down, singing his song 'Keep on Rocking in the Free World' with real meaning.

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