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Leviathan: Slavery, not Apartheid

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live 

in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

Nelson Mandela

Slavery, not Apartheid
Qalandia Check Point January 2014

Without freedom of movement, one becomes a slave of those denying travel.
Without freedom of occupation, one becomes a slave of those denying choices.
Without choices there is no freedom; those who restrict freedom are enslavers and thus illegitimate, even if they are civil servants of a recognized administration.
Enslaving states are illegitimate.
Qalandia Check Point January 2014
Qalandia Check Point January 2014
Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
The pictures above show a typical day at Qalandia, a crossing point between Jerusalem and Ramallah. All men are Palestinians. How can I be so categorical? Simply, Jews don't need to pass through the humiliating scene. Their cars are allowed to pass through the military checkpoint.
Differentiating is easy. Jewish cars have yellow plates, apparently to remind the six-pointed patches they used to wear. Palestinian cars from the West Bank have blue plates; from Gaza they are silver. Jews have blue ID cards (internal passports used even to enter shopping malls), Palestinians have green ID cards.
The colors of Israeli Apartheid are bright and easy to distinguish by soldiers armed with loaded automatic weapons and ready to shoot if not obeyed blindly. This is smart. The Nazi emblems were easily vilified; yet blue, green, and yellow will stay pure forever.
Alas, not all Jews have cars. Some of them are denied opportunities by the State of Israel because they don't served in the army. These second class Jews travel by bus. Apartheid Administrators were terrified. What if one of the second class Jews will choose to travel with Palestinians workers? A Palestinian may sneeze; cells from his body may land on the second class Jew. This will cause an unforgivable impurity of the chosen one.
Destruction of Leviathan
Destruction of Leviathan
engraving by Gustave Doré
Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
On March 1, 2013, the Israeli Ministry of Transport inaugurated two lines of buses to be used exclusively by Palestinians and created the opportunity for a Palestinian Rosa Parks to spark the struggle for Human Rights in the Holy Land.
Almost one year later, we are all waiting for Rosa Palestina to stand up and say "Enough!" Meanwhile, Israel segregates buses for Palestinians.
The men trapped like cattle are not tourists. They are not entering Jerusalem to take a peek at the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are going to work; humiliating them is the soldiers daily little pleasure.
They do not work at a human rights attorney office. They don't have offices. They work in the simplest construction works. They prepare hummus in cheap restaurants visited by second class Jews. Some of them also work cleaning Jewish buildings. For their eternal shame, Palestinians built Zion.
"Humble people doing everything to support their families! There is nothing that Israel can do!" Foreigners may exclaim now.
That is not true. They may be humble, godly, and worthy but they are not "doing everything." They were denied any other option. They do not live in an Apartheid regime. They are slaves.
Did you know? Plagues of Israel

The business section of Hebrew newspapers is the most ethnically cleansed. Seldom are Palestinians mentioned there. If featured, the topic is presented as a joke. Terms like "Hummus Valley" are used to denote the emerging Palestinian High-Tech industry.
After all, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is Jewish. Palestinian owned companies are not registered there, despite the fact that almost 20% of Israeli citizens are Palestinians. How dare they to have Hi-Tech? Tomorrow, they will try to trade their companies!
Shiny yellow, the Hebrew business sections deal with important issues. Teva and Israel Chemicals. Hi-Tech and gas. Since 2009, when Tamar was discovered, the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Basin doesn't leave the headlines. In 2010, Leviathan was discovered. Soon it turned out to be the largest gas field discovered worldwide in the last decade.
Alliances were created, counter-alliances threatened war.* Eventually it turned out being a game-changer, by allowing Israel to significantly decrease the price of purifying water, giving it control on much of the water consumed by Palestine and Jordan.
In the beginning of 2014 the talks about war disappeared. Two things contributed to that. The improvement of the relations between Israel and Turkey created the possibility of placing a gas pipe between the two. This created a strategic interest between the former leaders of the opposing alliances.
Second, the U.S. accomplished the takeover of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields, through Noble Energy, an oil and gas company from Houston, Texas.+ It doesn't matter what Israel does with the gas, Noble will collect an extraction fee and pay taxes to Uncle Obama.
Hezbollah in Lebanon will now be careful not to misguide a rocket towards a company paying taxes to the USA.
What Israel did was to internationalize the site, in order to achieve impunity. Part of the Leviathan field is under waters belonging to Lebanon. The maritime border between Israel and Lebanon is not set. Lebanon complained to the UN; the USA has recognized the Lebanese claim. Yet, now the chances of Justice being achieved are slim.
Daewoo Develops Tamar
On February 6, 2014, Israel went one step further in the internationalization of the conflict. This time with the help of Australia. Following a negotiation that took years, Woodside Energy of Australia bought 25% of the rights to Leviathan in exchange for payments and royalty commitments amounting to roughly $2.71 billion.$
With almost 20 trillion cubic meters of gas, the Leviathan reservoir will be the largest infrastructure project in Israel’s history.
Woodside is Australia's largest independent oil and gas company. It specializes in liquefied natural gas, and will install a liquefaction plant either on land or offshore and ship the industrialized product all over the world.
An important point is that Leviathan has not been completely explored. One of the reasons for the delay in the negotiations was that more gas was discovered during them.
Thus now Australia, a main supplier of raw minerals to China, is also a key partner in the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Basin. Unless extreme events take place in the area, Israel can be quite sure that a war over Leviathan and Tamar will not take place.
By the way, Palestinians are not allowed to work on the drilling platforms. Israelis don't want to work there. Most workers are Koreans.
There are many ways of playing that social game called "countries." Yet not everything is allowed.
The game rules must be published and taught to the population. Otherwise the organization doesn't have a government, but a bunch of tricksters abusing the people.
Not all rules are allowed. They must not abuse human rights, they may not restrict freedom. Slavery is not allowed.
All rules must be applied equally. There no privileged men. There are no privileged countries. There are no privileged corporations.
The USA abolished slavery in the 19th Century. Shamefully, only the 1967 Referendum overturned the "Flora and Fauna Act," mandating that Indigenous Australians to be governed and managed under the same portfolio as Australian wildlife. Yet, now both countries reject slavery, despite the situation in both of them being far from perfect.
If internationalizing the conflict, do that entirely. If internationalizing the defense of the gas fields, do so also with the violation of us, the people, by the State of Israel. If the USA defends the gas, I want it to defend also us, Israel's victims.
Slavery renders Israel illegitimate. This is true also with a whole range of violations it perpetrates against people, citizens and foreigners as one.
Why the USA and Australia sign agreements with an enslaving Israel?
ice-cream within pitta bread
Like the Israeli restaurant that attempted to serve ice-cream within pitta bread, Israel is not good.


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