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Israel's Emiemies Within: Ultra-Orthodox Leader: "We will take revenge against Israel"

To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall 

slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the 

things that shall come upon them make haste.Deuteronomy 32:35

Hours before the One-Million Protest, scheduled for Sunday, March 2, 2014, the belligerent sides are hurriedly conquering strategic positions, filling bags with sand, preparing bulky barricades, and sharpening speeches. War is here and now; revenge is waiting on the corner. Around it, Israel's end may be ambushing.
On February 24, took place the announced "historical meeting of the three councils, the Hasidic, the Lithuanian, and the Sephardic, where all the great of this generation will sit together next to one table," as defined by Kikar HaShabat, an Ultra-Orthodox newspaper.

The Erinyes, deities of vengeance, engraving by Gustave Doré
Remember Amalek!: Vengeance, Zealotry, and Group Destruction in the Bible
For the first time in history, the three main Jewish Ultra-Orthodox factions sat formally together. The topic was the new Conscription Law.+
Declarations of Ultra-orthodox leaders preceding the meeting left no room for interpretations. The new law is unacceptable. "Let me die with the Israelis," their message paraphrased Samson, hinting that they consider the law a war declaration by the Zionists (Sweet Braveness: Haredi War on Zion Starts on Monday).
The meeting of the three councils++ expectedly announced the "One-Million Protest." They plan to bring a record number of protesters to Jerusalem. The councils rule roughly one million people. They can easily bring almost that much to what will be the largest protest in Israel's history.
Wildly anti-Zionist articles fill Ultra-Orthodox media. Even a call by a Member of the Knesset to rebel against Zionism had been made public. Rabbis say "Death Better than Serving Israel."
The call to rebel was serious. Once Ultra-Orthodox Jews will be forced out to the streets there would be no way back. They will die under violent Zionist hands while crying to death Sh'ma Israel,+++ the Jewish declaration of Faith. They will not surrender to evil even if burned alive, and will die honorably "al kidush hashem," "on the sanctification of the name of God."
Peri and Bennet, Remember Amalek
Ya'akov Peri, a former Head of the Shin Beth secret police and one of the most notorious assassins in the state's short history, said "I am not agitated by these declarations." In other words, he does not care. Oh, the blessed tranquility of the ignorant!
On Friday 28, after the meeting but before the protest, Naftali Bennett, leader of the Religious Zionism$ and senior minister in Netanyahu's government spoke.
Unlike secular Peri, Bennett knows the power of Faith. He declared "The IDF will survive without the Ultra-Orthodox, the State won't."
An offspring of the alliance between Ultra-Orthodoxy and Zionism that enabled the State of Israel, Religious Zionism is one of the main targets of the Ultra-Orthodox. Bennett was recently depicted as aTorah-burning Nazi by Ultra-Orthodox media.
His new declaration shows that a senior member of the Israeli Administration understood that the government had crossed a red-line.
After years of abuse and spiritual rape by the State, Ultra-Orthodox Jews were unlikely to accept a declaration as possessing any value. They want actions and decisions revoking evil.
Ultra-Orthodox Nazi Cartoon
Ultra-Orthodox Nazi Cartoon
It shows Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Economy, Trade, Diaspora and Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett dressed as Nazi officers standing under the gate to the Auschwitz burning Torahs and the Talmud while Haredi yeshiva students dressed in Auschwitz prisoner uniforms are studying in the background.
See Octopus Zuckerberg Fights Torah-Burning Nazis
Lacking them, they uttered a cry of war before taking positions in front of the Knesset.
Until a few days ago I was watching the show amusedly. The call to rebel against Zion, uttered by a member of the Zionist parliament, was the first sign that things went beyond anything witnessed in the almost two-century long love-hate affair between Ultra-Orthodox and Zionists.
After Bennett's almost surrendering, I stayed online waiting for the Ultra-Orthodox answer. It could not take long. The struggle had become a war, and in the latter, responses do not wait.
Two minutes before my stopper marked thirty-minutes since Bennett's declaration, Member of the Knesset Moshe Gafni answered in an interview hurriedly given to Kikar HaShabat. He is a member of the Ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party.
His words went beyond a declaration of war. The title of the article quoted his sharpest words.
Moshe Gafni
Member of the Knesset Moshe Gafni threatened by Zion

Zion, Remember Amalek
"We will set accounts with the evil governors," he said.
The text was said in a concise and almost poetic Hebrew. For those unaware of Hebrew subtleties, the secondary title clarified "On the eve of the 'One-Million Protest,' Member of the Knesset Gafni promises revenge against the parties who gave a hand to the attempts to kill the world of Torah, 'We will protest [also erase], against the evil ones of the people of Israel who are in the government."
"In this protest would be heard the painful scream, the plea and the prayer to the Holy Blessed be His Name to take away the evil gzera [unjustified collective punishment*]."
"All of us, men and women, will scream in pain this awful desecration of the Name of God, of this will to hurt the most holy thing in the nation [referring to the people, not to the country]."
Judaism keeps the term "revenge" for special occasions. The best known is the case of Amalek. "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, says 1 Samuel 15:3.
For rabbis and their followers, the Amalekites are symbolic of the Judaism antithesis. Moreover, of the 613 mitzvot (orders, commandments) followed by Orthodox Jews, three refer to the Amalek: to remember what the Amalekites did to Jews, not to forget what the Amalekites did to Jews, and to destroy the Amalekites utterly. The rabbis derived these from Deuteronomy 25:17-18, Exodus 17:14 and 1 Sam. 15:3.
"Amalek" was used on July 14, 2013, by the important Head of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva towards Bennett, due to his support of the Conscription Law (Amalek Hits Israel).
Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef announced that after 600,000 protesters will fill the site, they will be allowed to recite a rare prayer said when a large numbers of Jews congregate. He gave details that will assure the arrival of many just for the sake of the rare opportunity.
In their ignorance of history, in their repudiation of their alliance with Ultra-Orthodox Jews while occupied in attacking their neighbors, Zionists did not notice that a war was declared on them.
Soon, shofarot will deafen the streets of Israel with a painful scream and sorrowful prayer to stop secular abuse. Shortly after, the walls of Zionist Jericho, shelter city of Amalekites, will fall.
Jericho Cartoon

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