Friday, February 14

Israeli settlements also face boycott from within

One important effect of BDS: not just a growing debate in Israeli society about Israel's occupation and denial of basic Palestinian rights everywhere, but also an intensifying use of BDS tactics, even if selectively applied.

I guess off-the-wall Israel-first apologists in the US -- like that spooky rabid lawyer at Harvard who defends collective punishment and crimes against humanity so long as Israel is committing them and those two "soft" Zionist columnists at the NYT who do not miss a chance to dehumanize Palestinians in order to justify Israeli apartheid -- will have a difficult time with this one! All the echo-chamber yelling and fretting, intimidation and bullying, about BDS being "anti-Semitic" or having a "real" or "hidden" agenda of "destroying" Israel, or worse, will sound even more fanatic, more hysterical and far less credible than ever.

BDS, a nonviolent, human rights-based, civic and popular form of moral accountability, is working ... not just at the American Studies Association and Dutch and Norwegian pension funds; it is also finally prodding some in Tel Aviv out of their complicit cocoons, convincing them that boycott tactics can effectively induce some real change for the better. Some may be motivated by sheer self interest, realizing that BDS has started to bite, but others are starting to realize that they cannot have normal lives (as opposed to living by the sword, as Sharon would like) while being colonial masters oppressing a whole nation and denying them their rights under international law. 



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