Tuesday, February 4

In Case You Missed It - TheSUPER BOWL PROTEST: Scarlett Johansson Commerical – Punish Speaks Out!

by Johnny Punish

Well folks here I am. Here me out!

Will you be turning your back on Scarlett and Soda Stream?
Will you be sharing the reasons why with your friends?
Or do you stand with Scarlett and Soda Stream?
Bring it…. post your comments!
I will be responding the comments during the day up to kick off time 6:30pm EST.
Go Broncos! Go Freedom! Go Justice!
Oh, if you need more info, here are some important background articles

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  1. I don't care about a product that is made by Zionazis on stolen land. Palestine has been screwed worse than South Africans and should be given equality. If BDS is the only way to get attention then so be it.