Wednesday, January 15

Yarmouk Camp: A Powerful Wake-Up Call From Palestinians To A Shameful Sleeping World

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Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, Damascus, 11-01-2014: A powerful wake-up call from the Palestinians of Yarmouk to the shameful sleeping world.

A little Palestinian boy starving under the Assad regime’s siege of Yarmouk says that he is hungry would like one slice of bread, a cup of milk, food, that he has nothing, no food. The children’s mother tears a verbal hole in Assad, Obama, Abu Mazen, the leaders and the world who watch silently as the Palestinians of Yarmouk and the people of Syria are starved and slaughtered. She sarcastically asks the world’s animal rights campaigners to protest so that that those being starved to death by Assad can have the same living conditions as animals since that this would be far more than what they have now.

She points out that Palestinians and Syrians stand together against their oppression, whether from Assad or Israel, as they have stood together for thousands of years. She challenges Assad and the other cowardly and hypocritical leaders, both in Palestine and the rest of the region and world: "Okay, if you don’t want us here, send us back to our land, Palestine," knowing the leaders’ moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy all too well.

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