Wednesday, January 15

Palestinian consensus against negotiations

DOHA, (PIC)-- Hamas Movement renewed its rejection of talks resumption between Palestinian and occupation authorities in light of the imbalance of power in favor of the Israeli occupation.
Member of Hamas' Political Bureau, Sami Khater, warned that US secretary of state John Kerry's framework agreement did not meet the minimum limits of Palestinian rights.
Khater expressed his movement's total rejection of the current negotiations in light of the imbalance of power in favor of Israeli occupation "especially that the results will certainly be at the expense of the weaker party".
No Palestinian can accept Kerry's plan that states the Jewishness of Israel, neutrality of Jerusalem, exchange of land, and liquidation of right of return, he said.
Khater said that Hamas had informed the PA negotiating team of its rejection of the negotiation process.
Meanwhile, a workshop has been organized by the Popular Assembly against Negotiations on Tuesday at Engineers Union headquarters in Gaza under the title "Palestinian factions' position towards Israeli-Palestinian negotiation."
During the workshop, Palestinian factions voiced their rejection to the current negotiation process, saying that it aims at liquidating the Palestinian cause and covering Israeli crimes.
Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman for Hamas movement, pointed out that talks’ resumption came at a time of weak regional and Arab situation.
He said that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is not entitled to carry out the negotiation process amid a national consensus against peace talks, stressing the need to achieve reconcilation.
For his part, Dr. Ahmed al-Modalal, a leader in Islamic Jihad Movement, stated that the current round of negotiation came to liquidate the Palestine cause, saying that the Palestinian people will never give up their legitimate rights. He also called for re-activating the resistance option.

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