Sunday, January 26

Israel fabricates claims about Gaza to justify the targeting of civilians

GAZA, (PIC)-- The forum of Palestinian journalists (FPJ) warned against the gravity of the media campaign that was launched recently by the Israeli occupation to prepare the world's public opinion to accept its justifications to bomb civilian areas and structures in any intended war on the Gaza Strip.
In a press release on Sunday, the forum said that this campaign included alleged press remarks made by Israeli military officials and unnamed sources, amplifying the military capability of the Palestinian resistance and claiming that it uses mosque minarets to set up surveillance cameras to monitor the movement of the Israeli army in border areas.
The resistance is also propagated to cache its rockets and weapons in places beneath residential buildings and use civilian areas for its resistance activities, among other claims intended to justify Israel's intents to bomb mosques, populated areas and civilians.
The forum urged the Palestinian media outlets to launch counter campaigns exposing such Israeli media claims and provide the true picture of the situation in Gaza.

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