Sunday, January 26

Israel claims intent to replace al-Aqsa mosque

An official of the Israeli regime has proclaimed that Tel Aviv is contemplating the replacement of the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Jerusalem) with a temple.
The Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel called on Friday for the construction of what he claimed as "the Third Temple" to replace the holy site.
Ariel further claimed that the first and the second temples were destroyed many years ago, so the third one needs to be built now.
“Al-Aqsa Mosque is currently in place of the temple,” he asserted.
Al-Aqsa Mosque is considered the third holiest site in the Muslim world.
Palestinians have denounced the plan as desecration.
They say it is part of the Israeli regime’s persisting attempts to distort the Arab and Islamic identity and history in and around the al-Aqsa mosque.
Palestinians argue that al-Quds is the capital of a future Palestinian independent state, and that its heritage should remain intact.


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