Wednesday, January 29

Children in Chains A Documentary about Israel Abuses Towards Palestinian Children

Children in Chains”-a short film about the abuse of Palestinian children in the Israeli military courts. Palestinian children are taken from their homes at night, blindfolded, hands tied up, whilst their parents scream and shout in protest. They are then driven away, to the nearest military centre, which can be, hours away, are likely to be physically or verbally abused, denied water/food and sometimes left in solitary confinement until the next day. They are not told their...rights, they are not given a lawyer, their parents aren’t allowed in with them and they are given documents to sign that they cannot read because they are in Hebrew. The children are likely after to suffer nightmares, post- traumatic stress and general psychological distress. I urge you all to watch this small 3 minute trailer that shows excerpts from the movie.


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