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Brits Block Christopher Bollyn from Ken O’Keefe TV Show

… by  Cara  St.Louis

[ Editors Note: Dear Readers, it seems that the Brits are no longer embarrassed at how cowardly they would look by blocking a TV show guest appearance. If nothing else it was off the scales stupid as whatever they were trying to hide will get fifty times the publicity.
The down side of all of this though, is a government that is no longer concerned about whether they are viewed as running the country legitimately, is a dangerous government. This 'suppressing thing' can become a bad habit really quick.
We live in an age now where government by,  for and of the people is just a joke. Those in power view dealing with the public now as something to be 'managed' and they have specialized people to do that, the kind we never get to vote for or even see a resume, much less data mine them.
But we need all the help we can get to wake folks up out of their defeatist slumber to begin the Long March back into wresting control of our governments away from the special interests and the throat hold they now have on how we are ruled. Notice I did not say represented. I did that on purpose. You know why... Jim W. Dean ]
Guest scheduled for Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show Detained
Guest scheduled for Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show Detained
London’s Heathrow Airport just isn’t as welcoming to some as it is to others. Ken O’Keefe, the moderator of The Middle East Show on The People’s Voice Channel, was expecting a guest from the United States today.
That guest was turned around at Heathrow and sent back to the United States. What follows is from their website:
It has been another ‘interesting’ day for TPV with US researcher Christopher Bollyn held for many hours at Heathrow Airport and then deported from the country before he could do a scheduled interview on The Middle East Show with Ken O’Keefe.
This happened at the same time as a power cut in the local area which took us off air and has scrambled our operating system so that Ken’s show, with Christopher, cannot go out live.
We are now beginning the considerable job of reconfiguring our system to get back on air and we will broadcast The Middle East show with Ken and guest Christopher Bollyn at 5pm GMT on Monday 13 January with a repeat later in the evening for our North American viewers.”
And, as always, the delicious and delectable double-edged sword known as the Internet should provide the opportunity for some sort of interview later, providing TPV can keep the outside powers from crashing the system…again. They will.
Bollyn is an independent investigative journalist who focuses on Israeli involvement in 911.  The following is from his web site…
Christopher Bollyn is an American journalist who has investigated the events of 9-11.  He helped Professor Steven E. Jones in the spring and summer of 2006, when Jones found solid evidence of Thermite in the dust of the Twin Towers. The discovery and discussion of Thermite in the demolition of the World Trade Center led to serious trouble for both Jones and Bollyn.
Ken O'Keefe - after his trip to Israel
Ken O’Keefe – after his trip to Israel
There is a tremendous amount of turmoil surrounding the subject of the Middle East within the last couple of days, not the least of which includes the death and burial of Ariel Sharon.
The Middle East is not my area, however, I am closely linked to The People’s Voice and support their efforts at global communication.
Interestingly, Bollyn is the subject of an appeal to President Obama to ‘pardon’ him for what amounts to being faslsley accused of resisting arrest in an incident that is somehow linked to his involvement with the discovery that thermite was involved in the destruction of the twin towers.
Again from his website:
Christopher Bollyn
Christopher Bollyn
In August 2006, Bollyn was attacked at his home in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, by a heavily-armed three-man team of undercover police that had been prowling around his house for several days in a row. 
The result of the police assault on Bollyn was that he was falsely charged with assault and resisting arrest; both misdemeanor charges. 
He pled innocent and went through a four-day trial in which the police openly lied and presented false evidence. 
Bollyn’s evidence, on the other hand, was not allowed to be presented and his expert witness was not allowed to testify.  After the seriously flawed trial, Bollyn was found guilty of both charges and faced sentencing from the same judge who had overseen the trial.
Rather than submitting themselves to injustice the Bollyn family left their home near Chicago and moved to Europe in June 2007.  He then wrote a set of books based on his 9-11 research entitled Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World.
His daughter has started a petition to the Obama White House to pardon her father.
There is no indication on Bollyn’s website as to the disposition of the petition to pardon.

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  1. Cynthia2:45 pm

    Chris and Ken are just a few out there trying to wake people up. Unfortunately most people have been hoodwinked by the media and so they are comatose.! I applaud what you are both doing and I would to join you as I am an American Palestinian in America looking to be an expat also!