Wednesday, January 15

46 Palestinian refugees died of hunger in Yarmouk camp

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Quds Press agency reported on Tuesday that 46 Palestinian refugees died of hunger and lack of food in the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp, south of the Syrian capital Damascus.
Yarmouk camp lacks foods, medicines and baby milk. It has been besieged due to the ongoing battles in Syria between the regular forces and the opposition, which caused a famine that is threatening the lives of thousands of its inhabitants, especially the children and the elderly.
Working group for the Palestinians in Syria registered the death of 1,922 Palestinians in the Syrian camps since the beginning of events there, about three years ago.
It noted that 768 Palestinian refugees were killed by the shelling, while 446 were killed during armed clashes between the regime forces and the opposition.
134 other refugees died of torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime, the group added.
There are 466 Palestinian refugees detained in Syrian jails, while 232 refugees are still missing.

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