Sunday, December 15

Renewing Hope for the Palestinian People

Our petition against Canadian PM Harper's unconditional and blind support for Israeli Apartheid has reached its initial target.
Due to the overwhelming response, we reached our target of 1000 signatures in less than four days. Let’s double the target to 2000. We will send the petition to Mr. Harper, his ministers and all Canadian parliamentarians on Jan. 18, 2014, just a day before he leaves. Please continue the great work and send a clear signal to Canadian politicians that, as in South Africa, supporting Apartheid is a crime against humanity.  (We will extend the deadline on the petition until after PM Harper’s visit to the region to allow for further updates and comments on his trip.)

Excerpts from the text of the petition

As Palestinians and Arabs, we tell you Mr. Harper - “You are not welcome in our homeland.”
As Canadians, we tell you - “Not in our names.”
As international supporters of justice and peace in Palestine, we tell you - “Shame on you.”
Stop supporting 21st century Israeli Apartheid! 

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