Thursday, December 12

Nelson the Marxist Mandela

Call him,
Nelson "CHE" Mandela
call him
Nelson "El Raiis" Mandela
call him
Nelson "FNL" Mandela
call him
Nelson  "PLO" Mandela
call him what you wish
what he deserves
but do not attend his funerals
if you recognized him only after his prison release .

Nelson Mandela was a black boxer
who became a Marxist 
a militant-Marxist-with-a-gun.....

One day the CIA informed the Apartheid-Regime of his whereabouts , 
so he may be arrested........and then, history followed.

The Western Free World called him "Terrorist"
until one day he walked out of his prison  ,
then this same Terrorist became a Nobel Peace Price Winner
and a fashionable-celebrity .

The Whites kept him 27 years behind their bars
until they exchanged their own Apartheid against his Amnesty .

At the end of the day 
the Whites kept their diamond-mines
and the Blacks were allowed to vote
in their own country.......

Victory !!!.... or Victory ???
is Freedom not a right ?..... instead of being a bonus ??

How come Apartheid became so ugly in South-Africa
but remained legal in Israel ???
What difference is their between a Christian-European-coloniser
and a colonising-European-Jew ???
both are "white-colonialists"
one misused the Bible 
and the other claimed a geographical discovery.

Anyhow my Hero is dead now
and I wish not to see at his funerals :
Those who once called him Terrorist
Those who still apply apartheid
Those looking for a Photo-Opportunity.
Those who did not supporting him in prison.

Raja Chemayel

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