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Knesset: Netanyahu Responsible for Temple Mount Destruction

the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, 

every man straight before him, and they took the cityJoshua 


On December 24, 2013, the Interior Committee of the Knesset held a meeting on the ongoing destruction of antiquities in the Temple Mount. Invited to the event were Israel Police, Israel Antiquities Authority, and other organizations. "The situation has never been better," was the untrue but expected claim of the police while Member of the Knesset Orit Strook blamed PM Netanyahu on systemic destruction.

MK Strook is part of the most extremist settlers. She lived in Yamit; after the Sinai was returned to Egypt, she moved to Hebron.* During today's meeting she said "As a denizen of Hebron, I know that in the Cave of the Patriarchs you can't hit a nail without a deep archeological discussion. I wonder how in the Temple Mount, the most important archeological site, such lawlessness is possible."
She added, "We wouldn't abandon in such a way even the beams of our homes."
Even in this short citation, her extremism is tangible. She referred to the Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa, and the other Muslim sites still active on the Temple Mount as "archeological sites." This is an eerie reminder that Israel plans a Third Temple on the site.
"Temple Mount is Archeology's Mother"
Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation
Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation
For a similar atrocity see Israel Renounces Imperial Monument
Archeology or Post-Modernism Architecture?
The discussion dealt with wood beams dated back to the First Temple and remaining topsoil removed by the Waqf during the construction of the underground al-Marwani Mosque between 1996 and 1999.
The translation of the mosque site's Hebrew name is Solomon's Stables; the Knights Templar headquarters were located there.
The mosque occupies the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount. It is several meters below the courtyard and features twelve rows of pillars and arches. For its construction, over 400 truckloads of soil and antiquities were removed.
About 60 truckloads of stones and earth were taken to a garbage dump in nearby al-Eizariya, and were lost forever. 350 Truckloads were dumped in the Emek Tzurim National Park, the northern side of the Biblical Kidron Valley, shown in the image. Nowadays, the soil is being checked for remains, but findings lack archeological value.
Committee Member Moshe Feiglin said "In Jerusalem, wherever you move a stone you find an archeological site. However, the Temple Mount is archeology's mother because it is the base of our existence. Our roots are buried in it."
Afterwards, he blamed the government on neglecting the site.
Moshe Feiglin
Likud's Moshe Feiglin, he ran against Netanyahu for the party leadership
See Likud Leader: Israeli Courts Corrupted Evil and the Justice of God
"The situation has never been better"
Jews in the Temple Mount
Traditionally, Jews avoided entering the Temple Mount
This is changing. The image belongs to a religious ruling by Yemenite Rabbi Shlomo Mahpud allowing entrance to the Temple Mount
The stamp with his signature is entitled "Yore De'a," roughly "He Will Teach the Opinion," but also "Opinion Shooter"
Civil servants participating in the meeting presented a different picture.
Yuval Baruch, manager of the Israel Antiquities Authority's Jerusalem District claimed that all his requests to enter the site are answered positively and that changes in the site are subject to his checking and the approval of the Ministers Committee for Sacred Sites. At this stage, reality started to emerge. He acknowledged that IAA is not responsible for the site and that things can be done without their knowledge.
Commander Avi Biton gave a delusional testimony. "IAA enters wherever they want, with a police permit. In all issues regarding the control of antiquities the situation is better than ever." Allow me to mention one more atrocity before taking out the reality-hiding Zionist veil.
Before the end of the meeting, the two mentioned MKs, Strook and Feiglin, asked to add to the protocol that a key issue in the destruction of antiquities is the secrecy imposed on the State Comptroller Report on the issue. They claim that the secrecy was aimed to avoid embarrassing the government, since it shows that Israel lacks governability on the Temple Mount and that it may bring wide international condemnation on the State of Israel.
Strook summarized "There is only one address to what happens in the Temple Mount, the Prime Minister is the only responsible."

Snow Storm in Jerusalem
December 12-15, 2013, Snow Storm in Jerusalem

Biased Discussion
The published parts of the discussion were astonishing. They mentioned the Muslim new constructions but failed to mention the ongoing Jewish expansion of the Western Wall. They also forgot to mention the Western Wall Tunnel. More worrying is that the lawmakers forgot to mention that the Temple Mount is in the West Bank+and under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf.
The Great Mufti of Jerusalem heads the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, which since 1187 rules the place. Waqf is an unalienable trust dedicated to charity.
Dome of the Rock
Dome of the Rock
Israel Police issues permits only after having got one from the Waqf.
One may rightly criticize the Waqf works on the al-Marwani Mosque for they lack of attention to archeological details, but these works were coordinated with Israel. The hundreds of loaded trucks leaving the site were not a secret; Israel knew and cooperated.
The other side of the deal was a silent understanding between Israel and the Waqf on the opening of the Western Wall Tunnel by Israel. When the tunnel was opened after Yom Kippur 1996, extensive protests resulted in tens of deaths for both camps, mainly because Israel didn't stick to the agreed timetable with the Waqf.

Snow Storm in Jerusalem
Western Wall Tunnel

Moreover, Israel destroyed the Moroccan Quarter,$ which dated back to 1193, and several other historical structures in the area without attributing any importance to archeology.
To the meeting was also invited a Jewish NGO called "The Public Committee for the Prevention of Antiquities Destruction." Neither the Waqf, which rules the site, nor the Palestinian Authority were invited. The mosques actives in the site were formally called "archeological sites" by a lawmaker.
This happened only months after related Israeli organizations virtually destroyed the Dome of the Rock, and after the inauguration of the symbolic Hurva Synagogue in the Muslim Quarter in 2010 (see Hurva: Ruin of Jerusalem.
Today Israel got closer to the construction of the Third Temple, and humanity got one step closer to stumble upon World War III.

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