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Israel approves the detention without charge of African migrants

Israel approves the detention without charge of African migrants

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with  Press TV, Tehran

Tuesday was my birthday. I was practicing singing the Beatles song, “When I’m 64″, as this was the year I would leave friends a singing announcement to not forget to call and wish me happy birthday.
“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m sixty-four?”
"When I'm sixty-four..."
“When I’m sixty-four…”
My rehearsals were interrupted by the Press TV call to do a Top Five news segment on what is always a sad topic. Illegal immigrants who struggle to get out of their countries are not the most deprived, as they are able to raise the funds to do it.
But once in their country of choice during tough economic times they often don’t have the money to go back home if they wanted to on their own resources. Many countries have emergency flight loans through their embassies, but others do not.
With Israelis leaving Israel due to hard times, and many wishing to, but lacking the money to get resettled somewhere else, there is little sympathy left over for incurring long and expensive appeals proceedings with illegal African immigrants.
Here in the US armies of attorneys make very good livings dragging proceedings out for years, all of this going on below the radar of the myriad of issues plaguing the American public.
If you have a mother who is the widow of a WWII vet who has been on a waiting list for a low income senior living nice housing arrangement, under US treaties, ‘refugees’ get priority on such housing — bumping Americans who have been waiting for years. This came about when the big immigration of Jews from the Soviet Union occurred, compliments of our own Senator ‘Scoop’ Jackson.
Soviet era Jews who came here use the family tree loophole to bring retired parents to America as refugees. They also qualified for medicaid, and you guessed it, moved right into expensive senior housing here in Atlanta… the kind where the care runs $3000 a month.
Their Atlanta relatives living in the suburbs with six figure incomes were rarely interested in providing housing for ‘refugees’ in their homes when luxury accommodations at taxpayer expense are available for Soviet Jews only. Christians or Muslims need not apply, another example of ‘special insiders’ gaming the system and crying ‘anti-semite’ at those who question any of it.
Domestic terrorism on the American people was alive and well, way back then.  The current version is Israel’s sock puppet Congressmen working with Israel to wreck the Iran peace talks when they only have the support of less than 20% of American that are pro-military intervention over just about anything. For these dummies it is just a sporting event or the end of the world for the Christian Zionists. May God save us from them all.
The Israeli parliament has approved a law that allows new illegal migrants to be held without charge.
This moves seems designed to reduce the cost and drawn out deportation proceedings. Missed in some of the sympathy for the Africans as the loose policy that let them in was motivated by taking more low end jobs away from Palestinians to encourage them also to ‘go somewhere’.
Victim sympathy can be very selective, especially in the land of Israel.

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