Sunday, December 22

Congradulations to Samer Issawi on his imminent victory over the Zionist oppressors

G.C.P.P.P congratulates Samer Issawi on his victory
The Global Campaign for Palestinian Political Prisoners, an affiliate of Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition, warmly congratulates Samer Issawi on his imminent victory over the Zionist oppressors, against whom he waged the longest hunger strike in recorded human history in order to secure his own release. He is scheduled to be released first thing Monday December 23, 2013.
The struggle waged by Samer Issawi is of historic proportions, not only due to its record length, but also by the amazing way that it was waged by this heroic son of Jerusalem. Samer's struggle became a symbol to many around the world of Palestinian resilience and determination, and was one of the most powerful inspirations in recent times for the Palestinian struggle, giving strength to those in need of hope.
We hope that our efforts to support Samer through our online and offline activism, attempting to mobilize worldwide attention for his courageous battle, have been useful in highlighting Samer's struggle to the outside world. We are well aware that it is only his amazing will power that secured his release, and hope that our daily twitterstorms have helped making people aware and involved in supporting his cause. We are thankful to the thousands all around the world who helped us with this task, and without whom this would have been impossible.
Rest-assured, we are monitoring Samer's release closely, and will immediately resume our campaigns if we notice any violations of the agreement by the Zionist occupation authorities. Samer is a hero to us,  to the entire Palestinian population inside of Palestine and in the shatat (diaspora), and to millions of supporters around the world. If Samer is not released as agreed, we will call upon these masses to immediately organize protests and campaigns against such a violation.
We extend our hand in solidarity, love and admiration to the parents of Samer Issawi, and to the rest of his family, who have suffered alongside Samer during this ordeal and showed the same courage and determination as our hero. We carry Samer Issawi on our shoulders as one would carry a graduate, we embrace him as one would embrace a brother, and we salute him as one would salute a leader.
Free Palestine, From the River to the Sea - Free all Palestinian political prisoners and hostages - Free Jerusalem!
The Global Campaign for Palestinian Political Prisoners

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