Saturday, November 30

Racist Israel Will Use North American Corporate Welfare Cheques To Pay Africans $3,500 Each To Leave

$124M Plan Hopes To Convince Voluntary Departure

JTA is reporting that Israel’s Cabinet allocated nearly $124 million
 to a plan designed to have illegal African migrants return to their 
countries of origin.Most of the money allocated from the plan 
approved unanimously on Sunday will go toward building a new 
migrant detention center in southern Israel and paying migrants 
who agree to leave the country up to $3,500.

The plan also is aimed at reducing the presence of migrants in city 
centers  It calls for adding 550 positions to law enforcement teams 
from the Public Security Ministry, the Population and Migration 
Authority and the Economy Ministry that will carry out 
crimes against what they claim are illegal migrants and their 

The steps that we approved today are
 necessary for maintaining the Jewish and democratic character 
of the state" They can take the money or they can end up in one of 
our created camps that will be unlike any vacation you have ever 
had says an Israeli official who wishes not to give his name.


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