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Israel: "Worse than a Nuclear Bomb"

the last error shall be worse than the firstMatthew 27:64

Against all odds, I learned the breaking news on a deal between Iran and the P5+1* from Venezuelan network TeleSUR. CNN Spanish was busy with a screaming lady, Spanish TV24 was dealing with social games, and the Bolivian networks were praising Eternal Leader Evo Morales. Near midnight, no other sources were available.
The report was very detailed, but failed to provide the Israeli headlines. I was forced to wait to the still faraway morning. Bolivian kiosks open late, adding to the frustration. Trying to guess the headlines, I fell asleep not knowing the size of the New Holocaust already being broadcast by Zion.
"No less than a bomb"

Haaretz on the Iran and P5+1 Deal
Haaretz on the Iran and P5+1 Deal, see text below for translation

The image above shows the main page of Haaretz, the most serious Hebrew newspaper and considered being The Voice of the Shin Beth secret police.
The main headline reads: "The confrontation with the USA is no less dangerous than a bomb." The subtitle reads: "Netanyahu manipulated Israel to a serious isolation, having left only Saudi Arabia. In the talks about the nuclear deal, the issue is not whether Israel is right but if it is smart to collide with the USA."& Blaming Netanyahu of having left Israel with only Saudi Arabia as an ally is hilarious and of unprecedented seriousness for Netanyahu. Luckily, he doesn't need to comprehend this complex text. The article below the headline was even more explicit.
"The deal with Iran: In Geneva Netanyahu's defeat was nailed." Mr. Netanyahu, is this also too complex? Please keep reading: "This morning, in Switzerland, the toy-gun was taken from Netanyahu. His staying in power is a waste of time, vigor, money, and attention. In the new reality, Israel needs a new leadership."
Mr. Netanyahu, for the second time in recent months,+ a severe warning was issued by the secret police against your remaining in power. Considering what happened to the three other+ prime ministers who ignored similar messages, you should obey the true Elders of Zion.
Worse than a Nuke?
Hours after the deal was reached, The Associated Press published an article entitled "Secret US-Iran talks set stage for nuke deal" that disclosed secret direct talks between Iran and the USA, which started in September 2011.
Their last round started last March in the Omani capital of Muscat and led to the agreement signed last night. Secrecy surrounded the meetings that were disguised under other events while the meeting parties became very creative in avoiding media and main entrances of luxury hotels.
USA Secretary of State Kerry arriving at Geneva
Descending Olympus: USA Secretary of State Kerry arriving at Geneva
Brave New World
Silvan Shalom
Minister of Energy and Water Silvan Shalom
On his strategic importance and odd link with the Contras, seeIsrael and Greece Sign Strategic Agreement
Netanyahu's government was outraged, especially since it had been left out of the Great Game by President Obama. After the disclosure of the meetings, Government Minister Shalom$ was interviewed by Israel Radio. Teased by the reporter, he answered in anger "It is not important whether or not we were informed, what is important is if we knew of it, and we knew."
Headlines were misleading. The agreement achieved is an interim one for six months. During this period, much of Iran's nuclear program will be halted and Iranian money frozen in Western banks would be made available again while a more comprehensive pact is negotiated.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in Geneva that he hoped the agreement would lead to a restoration of trust between Iran and the United States. In Washington, President Obama said "Today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure."
"Murder!" Cried the Wolf
Paraphrasing President Obama, Netanyahu said "Today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world has taken a significant step toward attaining the most dangerous weapon in the world." Afterwards, he defined the agreement "historic mistake."
He and Foreign Minister Lieberman indirectly threatened of an Israeli attack on Iran. Netanyahu added "Israel is not bound by this agreement, as prime minister of Israel, I would like to make it clear: Israel will not allow Iran to develop a military nuclear capability." Avidgor Lieberman said in an interview to Israel Radio "Israel will have to make a reassessment all the options are on the table." Maybe on the table, but war is unlikely on the air.
Foreign Affairs Ministers announcing the new deal in Geneva
Foreign Affairs Ministers announcing the new deal in Geneva
Brave New World
Let's be fair. It is very easy to critique Netanyahu and his belligerent politics of hatred and war. Let's be positive. Today, let's look at the half-filled cup of water. Netanyahu made the impossible, transforming Saudi Arabia into Israel's new best-friend. Aleluya!

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