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Israel: "USA Crossed Red Line"

for our trespass is great, and there is fierce wrath against Israel2 Chronicles 28:13

Arabic is more guttural than Hebrew. Yet, probably it lacks a word 

capable to compete with four guttural consonants in a row as 

Hebrew has. "Haron" is translated as "wrath," which appears in the 

subtitle. The "h" is more guttural than the "ch" in "loch;" the 

Hebrew "r" is semi-guttural, pronounced with the tongue on the 

spot where the palate breaks upwards. A typical Hebrew way of 

strengthening meaning is doubling the root of a word. That is how 

"meharher" is achieved.* "Squared-wrath" is roughly the meaning 

of the derived word.

There is no much use for such a violent word except for a popular phrase "Meharher Milhama" can be translated as "Someone who wrath war." A discourse preaching war at all cost; the overdose of gutturals clarifies the point. Hitler's speeches probably are the best example in this category.
One day after a distressed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu threatened to attack Iran after an almost-agreement was achieved in Geneva, Israeli media were filled with such "Meharherei Milhama"+ discourses preaching war with Iran, which may pay dear for its diplomatic success. "You shall not spoil Zion's Business of War," is the Elders First Commandment.
"Kerry Crossed a Red Line"
More than Netanyahu's violent words yesterday, the wild look of this dandy broadcast the urgency of his message.
Netanyahu is losing the cold war against Iran. Adding this to his failure in solving the Social Protests and in his losing of the Ultra-Orthodox support due to their draft to the IDF, Netanyahu sees his political end approaching faster than a ballistic missile.
"Bring out the heavy cannons," was his message.
Benjamin Netanyahu delivering the shocking words
Benjamin Netanyahu delivering the shocking words
See The Iranian Deal and Netanyahu's Hairdo
Goebbels on the Power of Propaganda
The IDF top commando unit is Battalion 262,++ Benjamin Netanyhau, Ehud Barak and current Minister of Defense Ya'alon$ being among their best known members. Naftali Bennet a key member in Netanyahu's current government was a company commander there and in Maglan.
Maglan Insignia
Maglan Ibis Insignia
Maglan is like 262, but smaller and specializes in high-tech weapons. Founded in the 1980s, it was hidden for years behind Moran, an anti-tank weapons unit. They were the first to use optically guided missiles in the IDF.
Moti Yogev is a Knesset Member for The Jewish Home; a retired IDF colonel, he was commander of Maglan, an elite commando unit. In that position, he was commander of Naftali Bennett, the party's leader. How to put it softly? Matkal-Maglan Veterans are all members of the Israeli Kosher-Nostra.
Expectedly, he is a known hardliner. Following the assassination of the Australian Prisoner X,$$ he said "there is room for criticism, but one must know that there are certain topics that most Israeli citizens don't want to know about and trust their safety in the hands of the security systems."
Following Netanyahu's almost declaration of war, Yogev commented on US Secretary of State John Kerry, who visited Israel before hurriedly leaving for Geneva, where an agreement between the P5+1 and Iran will probably be signed. The event was seen as a personal insult by Netanyahu. Kerry had been talking with Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians about a peace agreement.
Yogev said that Kerry had crossed a red line and added "John Kerry, in Hebrew we say that you are not a fair negotiator. You are responsible for the American errors in the last year. In English we say 'Kerry go home.'"
Until now, in the Israeli political speech, only Iran could cross red lines. Now, also the USA.
Other politicians spoke along similar lines, but the most striking reaction was of a different nature.
P5+1 meeting with Iran in Geneva, November 2013
P5+1 meeting with Iran in Geneva, November 2013

Israeli False Flag
The day after Kerry hurriedly left the Holy Land, Yediot Ahronot, the Hebrew largest paid newspaper, published the Iranian video linked below.

Iranian Video

The newspaper claims that the video was broadcast during a one-hour program by the Iranian national television in which the country's ballistic capabilities were explored.
Iranian Sejil missiles can be seen launched and hitting targets in Israel. The targets are the nuclear reactor at Dimona, the Ben Gurion International Airport that provides the main gate to Isreal, the Ministry of Defense and IDF Headquarters in Tel Aviv, the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv and Against all odds the Tzrifin Base near the mentioned airport. Israeli anti-missiles can be seen displaying only partial success as invariably happens.
It also displays IDF rescue forces in real images taken during the 2006 Lebanon War. The few words uttered in the video are Hebrew and belong to the rescuers calling for the fire-fighters.
Built by the British halfway between Jaffa and Ramle, Tzrifin hosts the largest concentration of IDF training bases, though it soon will move to Las Vegas, Israel. This shows that the video is only half-serious. It is inconceivable that it would be chosen as one of the first targets by any foreign army. Israel produces similar material on Arab countries.
The Hebrew newspaper chose the Day after Kerry, to release it, implying that an Iranian attack is imminent after the USA abandoned Israel.
This is less than 24 hours after the event. In the following weeks, Israel will launch an Israeli-lobby campaign in Washington. No more Jewish donations for you, Mr. Kerry, despite your ancestry. At the moment America refused to fight for Zion, the USA crossed a red line. Will Tehran offer political refuge to Kerry?

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