Friday, November 8

Back To School: Palestine Refugee Children

Amidst the protracted crisis in , it’s easy to get lost in the death toll and the shifting factions. Today we hope to expand the focus to those displaced by the conflict, especially the .
Among the continuing flurry of global media coverage on the crisis in Syria, the situation of the estimated 6 million displaced by conflict has gained only sporadic reportage. Meanwhile, the second large scale displacement of the longstanding Palestinian refugee population in Syria has been little mentioned.
By September 2013, close to 60% of this 500,000 strong community had been displaced. It is increasingly difficult for them to leave Syria, but of the bordering countries – including Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq – these refugees have been completely barred from taking refuge in only one:  from Syria are incapable of returning to the same regions of historic  from which they and their families were expelled in 1948.
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As millions of children around the world return to school for a new year, the infographic “Back to School” – produced by VP in partnership with UNRWA and the EU – highlights the challenges faced by Palestinian refugee children from Syria, from displacement to school closures, emergency education provision and the simple uncertainty over whether they will have access to education.


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