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Anti-Bedouin Unit Becomes Operational

I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, 
then my cousins and I against strangers

In the last week of October 2013, Israel Police announced that the core of its Yoav Unit, created in April 2012, had become operational with 110 fighters fully trained and equipped by the army. Another 250 men will soon start the training. Following the approval of the Prawer Law,+ which attempts to expel Bedouins from their homes, on June 24, 2013, Israel is fighting its own citizens, Bedouins++ living in the Negev Desert. The Yoav Unit was set to expel them from their ancestral homes.
Unforgettable images from the legislation of the Prawer Law, showed Palestinian Members of the Knesset destroying the paper the law was printed on while claiming that it is a racist law. "It is an Arab-Law," MK Tibi said while spilling water on it. "It is a Racist-Law," MK Barake said in tears. MK Afu Agbaria said nothing while ripping the illegitimate law.
It is impossible to find faults in their reasoning while considering another unofficial settlement in the Negev, Ariel Sharon's Havat HaShikmim, the Sycamore Farm, near Kibbutz Ruhama. Private farms in Israel are an oddity. In 1972, Major General Ariel Sharon, Commander of the Southern Command, decided to purchase the farm which had been abandoned since 1954, with a loan he received from an American Jew.
The State allowed his unusual settlement, but the farm remained defined as "yeshuv lo mukar," "unknown settlement," a category it shares with the Bedouin settlements about to be evacuated. Yet, there is no chance that Sharon's farm will be evacuated; hence, the Prawer Law is racist.
Distracting Interlude
The operation of the Israel Police as a military unit is not a new thing, units like Mishmar HaGvul* act in such a fashion daily. The Central Command of the Israel Police favors that. These units create good PR events ("look at them, they are like IDF commandos!") while hiding embarrassing events related to proper tasks of the police.
A few months ago I provided a colorful example in Mafia Explodes in Tel Aviv, but even on the day of the Yoav Unit publication, October 25, a mafia assassination took place in Ashkelon.
The police cannot solve the extortion business in Israel. Neither can they acknowledge that publicly. Instead, they prefer to stage commando operations against the scapegoat of the day. By the end of 2013, that means Bedouin citizens.
Why, God, Why?
When reading the publications dealing directly with the affair, even the Prawer Law, it is difficult to understand the rationale of the move. After all, Israel wants to remove 30,000 Bedouins from the Eastern Negev and relocate them mainly in the towns of Rahat, Khura and Ksayfe. There is an obvious gain of land for the State by concentrating a rural population in an urban area, but this alone cannot explain the move. Instead, a Bedouin city could have been founded in the eastern Negev.
Netanyahu Speaking in Las Vegas
"Ben Gurion's vision was fulfilled in Las Vegas," Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu said on August 7, 2013
Netanyahu Visits Las Vegas, Israel
Last August, Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Las Vegas complex in the Negev, and disclosed the secret reasons. The complex will include the IDF Training City, where most of its training places will be, and a new strategic intelligence base specializing in SIGINT. The complex has another function, to block the access of African Workers to Tel Aviv. The bases create a physical barrier between the desert and the central plain as well as disconnects the Bedouins from the Negev from those in the Sinai Peninsula, who helped the workers to cross the desert (See Netanyahu Visits Las Vegas, Israel).

300 against 30,000? Is this Hollywood?
Knowing the Bedouins in the Negev, one must question the police creation of a 300 men battalion to confront the 30,000 Bedouins. The latter are better armed than the police and are unlikely to offer a cup of sweet coffee with cardamom to those coming to evict them.
The Police Command is not suicidal, they are just cheap. Yoav is just the military core of a complex force. The rest includes civilian contractors and military equipment like helicopters and armored D9 bulldozers. The image below shows a Yoav convoy about to attack a Bedouin village.
Yoav Attack-Convoy
Yoav Attack-Convoy, note the red-plates of the police cars

Today was disclosed that the unit locates homes considered illegal by the Israeli Administration, negotiates the destruction with the owners, destroys the property, and evacuates the families. Following the new law, the core unit was activated. In average, they destroy eight houses per day.
In 2014, they will be able to accomplish three times that. In other words, Yoav is a weapon of mass destruction deployed by the State of Israel against its Bedouin citizens whose ancestors lived there when "Zionist" wasn't even a word.
Thabet Abu Ras, a Bedouin from the area, director of Adalah's office in the Negev, and lecturer at the Ben-Gurion University, protested "the establishment of a special unit to deal with an essentially civilian issue." He added "all those who deal with the Bedouins view them as a security risk and a demographic problem." Dear Thabet, let me end this article by revealing the Zionists' best kept secret, they act like that because themselves are illegitimate.
Thus, they must destroy the legitimate owners of the land.

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