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After Betraying USA and Pollard, is China Israel's Next Victim?

Dore Gold
Eerily resembling Pollard
On November 12, 2013, while a senior Israeli delegation met no less senior Chinese officials in what was shamelessly called a private visit, a former Israeli spy disclosed that Israel made a deal with the USA abandoning Jonathan Pollard, an American-Jewish agent of Israel.

The Israeli delegation leader, Dore Gold, was instrumental in the past in one of PM Netanyahu most shameful political moments, when he worked against the Israeli Government. The converging news reminded that Israel is Betrayal Ltd., a minor subsidiary of the Western Colonizing Corporation.

Israeli-American Deal
Rafi Eitan is one of the best known Israeli spies. The key events in his long career where the illegal kidnapping of Eichmann from Argentina and heading the Bureau of Scientific Relations, a spying agency disbanded after the Pollard Affair. Eitan assumed responsibility for the fiasco.
Jonathan Pollard is an American-Jew convicted of passing classified information from the USA's Navy Ocean Surveillance Information Center to Israel while working as a civilian intelligence analyst. He pleaded guilty and received a life sentence in 1987. Israel granted Pollard citizenship in 1995, and in 1998 acknowledged that it had bought classified information from him.

On November 12, Eitan gave an interview to Galei Tzahal, the IDF radio, and delivered a bombshell. "I apologize to Pollard for his imprisonment. I take personal responsibility." He disclosed that he agreed to testify to the Americans and provided incriminating information about his agent because there was a deal that Pollard would be released after 10 years. Pollard is already 28 years in prison. Allow me to reject the useless, incomplete apology.
Mr. Eitan, deal or not deal, your point is irrelevant. The easiness with which Israel betrays its own is an eternal reminder to every Israeli citizen that its leaders lead Betrayal Ltd. and are not to be trusted, no matter what. Even PM Netanyahu proved that.

An Unholy Quartet
The Israeli delegation currently in China is lead by the very private citizen Dore Gold. An American-Jew like Pollard, between 1997 and 1999 he was Israel's Ambassador to the UN. He is also a very close private friend and advisor of PM Netanyahu. Before Netanyahu's first government, he was Netanyahu's Foreign Policy Adviser, while Netanyahu led the opposition
Shanghai Ghetto 1943
Shanghai Ghetto 1943
Shanghai Refuge
The logic was simple and brutal. Netanyahu awarded the job after the wonder duo Netanyahu-Gold started to forge an alliance with Jordan against the Palestinians while the Labor was trying to sign a permanent peace agreement with Palestine. If attempting something similar in the USA, would Gold had been tried for treason? Pollard knows!
"Never trust a friend," is Netanyahu's secret motto. Accordingly, in November 2013, he sent Gold to China with a few diamonds.

Big in China
Big in China - Netanyahu in Beijing May 2013

The Israeli PM missed a Chinese Cinderella
China is critical for Israel. Following an American-forced deterioration in the relations between the countries, Major General Vilnai* was sent as Ambassador to Beijing, and in May 2013, Netanyahu visited Beijing, apparently missing the reciprocal visit of a Chinese Cinderella in Israel. The Chinese Prime Minister didn't visit Jerusalem, but Chinese superstar Zhang Jingchu shot Old Cinderella** in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, in a superb example of Chinese diplomatic humor.
Despite the complexity of the commercial relations between the two countries described in the footnotes, their core is military. Formal relations were established in 1992, but Israel and China became close before that during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, when both countries passed weapons to the Mujahideen (Israel sent captured PLO weapons via the United States and Pakistan), the links created resulted in the sale of $4 billion of Israeli weapons to Beijing.
Zhang Jingchu
Zhang Jingchu
Seven Swords

At a certain point, Israel became China's second-largest foreign supplier of arms after Russia. However, the flourishing trade was restricted by the USA after Israel tried to sell IAI Phalcon airborne early warning aircraft which contained American AWACS technology as well as parts of the Lavi aircraft (it never entered IAF service) which were used in the design of the J-10 fourth-generation fighter and contained American technology.
Following the momentum created by the appointment of Vilnai, Netanyahu arrived in an attempt to revive the military relations. This became acute after Israel's main export market, Europe, is increasingly isolating Israel due to the latter policies towards Palestine. Earlier this year, the EU declared sanctions on Israel and in answer Israel declared sanctions on Europe.
English speakers consider the north as the main direction. Hebrew speakers consider the east as the main direction; one of the words for it, "kadima," is even used as "ahead."
"Ahead/Eastwards, to China," commanded Netanyahu and Dore Gold acted.

Private, National or Academic Visit?
The current visit was prepared by an Israeli organization called the Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership. Their previous success had been in October, when the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, received a $130 million grant from Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing to build a research institute in southern China. The grant is the largest in the Technion’s history. "Our two peoples are two ancient peoples with a glorious past, a difficult in-between period, and then soaring into the future," Netanyahu said during the event.

Less than one month later, Mr. Gold found himself as a guest of the Academy of Military Science of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. A private visit, he was there with his best friend, retired Major Gen. Uzi Dayan (the nephew of Moshe Dayan), a former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff and a former National Security Adviser. "It is a private visit, we taught the Chinese generals the Jewish blessing on the wine!" Mr Gold kept pushing this argument to Israeli and American media, which didn't question it.
China does business without attaching conditions related to human rights, thing that is especially attractive to Israel. "All of a sudden we have this fly in the ointment," Mr. Gold said. "So now we hear people in Israel saying, 'The hell with Europe. Let's go to China and India,'" say Gold forgetting to mention the recent problems that Israeli military industries faced in India (see India Strikes Israel Military Industries).

The main problem to solve in the Israeli-Chinese trade is the close relations between China and Iran, which is the third-largest supplier of crude oil to China. Their bilateral trade volume is of over $40 billion, compared to around $8 billion between China and Israel. Gold's approach was to emphasize cultural added value that Jewish organizations may provide.
Gold tried to forge common ground with China where it can, such as building on shared strategic interests. "Just as the Jewish state lays claim to modern territory based on ancient dominion, China cites history to assert sovereignty over Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and much of the South China Sea," he said to the generals carefully listening to him despite the wine-blessing.

Will Hollywood produce the required historical movie? Will Zion-faithful Evo Morales be declared to be what remains of Gad's biblical tribe? Living in 2013, but stuck in Orwell's 1984, all these may be probable developments next year.
Will Israel betray China as it did the USA, Pollard and everybody else trusting it? The Chinese assessment in this case was clear and not very subtle. While Netanyahu visited Beijing, they sent to Tel Aviv a superstar to film Old Cinderella, which translates from Hebrew as "Old Little Dirt."**

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