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The Worth of an Israel Police Informant's Body

Roi Tov
he sold his birthright unto Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau bread 

and pottage of lentilesGenesis 25:33-34

How inept must the Police be to fail to cover up its own crimes? Israel Police prides itself on being professional with intelligent investigators, fearless forensic scientists, and aggressive anti-terrorism forces. Yet, this impressive list also includes the body of Eyal Salhub. It is almost good. It has just a few bullets in the head, and his skin was slightly burnt by a fire set to hide evidence. How much is his body worth?

On October 4, 2013, even the aftermath attempt to hide the frightful facts failed, when the Police admitted having paid a silence fee to the family of the dead.
Are They Pros?
Yosef Salhub
Yosef Salhub, Father of Eyal, with images of Eyal
The Emerging Police State: Resisting Illegitimate Authority
Veteran readers of this website probably laughed at the adjectives used in the introduction. After all, I have already reported on the rape of girls by Israel Police, on judges claiming "I have no choice but to accept the defendant attorney's claim that the policemen's testimony cannot be trusted...," on the Police hiring known criminals to entrap the Prime Minister in illegitimate real estate deals, on an "information tax" imposed by the police on criminals, and in an unforgettable example of Israeli democracy, on journalists that complained about the censorship systematically imposed by the police through court orders that ban the mentioning of sensitive affairs by the media.+
It is challenging to consider Israel Police as anything but a part of the underworld awarded legitimacy by the State. Yet, they are pros. They are professional criminals, except when they forget to hide their own tracks.
Chronicle of an Informant's Death
Israel Police Firing Gas
Little Red Riding Hood by Gustave Doré
Israeli Underworld Assassination Technique
Little Red Riding Hood
The entire event was hidden under the abovementioned court orders. This is not surprising, after all it involves the current Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino.
Recently the event was hidden after an additional layer of secrecy after the State agreed to pay Salhub's family a silence fee. The orders covered the investigation process but could not stop the publishing of other details. These were disclosed on October 4, 2013, by Yediot Ahronot.
Along the 7 years since the murder, the father of Eyal kept claiming that the Police was burying the file because of the involvement of Police Commissioner. Following the agreement, his reaction was "No Comment." How much cost the Police to buy his son?
Eyal Salhub lived in Pardes Katz, an undeveloped neighborhood of Ultra-Orthodox Bnei Brak, part of the Tel Aviv metropolis. He was part of the Ruhan crime organization and of Israel Police. At the age of 23, he had already complained 70 times to his superiors at Israel Police that his life was in danger. The letter below, signed by the current Police Commissioner in the past, confirms that. He instructed to investigate the complaint.
Aroma Coffee
Letter from the current Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino mentioning that Salhub was in life danger
The police decided to take an extreme measure to allow their valued informant to recover his good name. They allowed him to throw a grenade at the headquarters of a prominent police unit (the Yamar in Ramla) while his criminal friends watched.
Israel Police Firing Gas
Israel Police Firing Gas
Track-Covering Advanced Techniques
The Making of a Police State
Alas! The grenade given to Eyal was a training one. It made noise but no damage. Even Israeli criminals know that such grenades are clearly marked.
Their suspicions on Eyal were confirmed again on October 6, 2006 during a phone conversation with him. They decided to perform what in Israel is called a "kippah aduma," a Little Red Riding Hood Trick. He was summoned to a meeting, where he would be murdered.
The following day, he was shot in the head several times and his body was burned.
The subsequent police investigation found problems at all levels in the way the informant was treated by the Police, but took no personal decisions. Afterwards, Danino was promoted to Police Commissioner and closing the embarrassing affair became a priority of Israel Police.
Make no mistake, this is not the case of a corrupt officer in a corrupt police organization. The silence fee agreement was approved by the Attorney General of Israel and Israel's State Attorney.* This is the case of a corrupt State and a corrupt father.
How much cost the father's silence? 3 Million shekels, less than 1 million dollar. Would he bring flowers to his son's grave?
+ This was proven in Court, see Israel Police Joins Underworld.
* Attorney General of Israel (HaYoetz HaMishpati LaMemshala, literally The Legal Advisor to the Government) is the head of the executive branch legal system. Israel's State Attorney (in Hebrew: Praklitut Hamedinah) is the legal representative of the State of Israel in its courts.

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