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Supreme Court to Israel: "Stop Robbing"

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption—2 Peter 2:19

Roy Tov
On October 18, 2013, Israel's Supreme Court ruled in the case of the Jehoash Tablet and the James Ossuary, ending a 7-year affair in a rather embarrassing fashion. The State of Israel had robbed the artifacts' owner.
Unlike in Greece, in Israel archeology is considered more than a tax-generating business by the state. It offers the opportunity to rewrite history, to delete Palestinians and recreate Biblical Israel. Recently, two events provided colorful reminders of these industrious fabrications.
In Israel Renounces Imperial Monument, I analyzed the reconstruction of the Palace in Herodion as per the imperial delusions of Prime Minister Netanyahu and in contradiction to all historical evidence. No less shocking was the August 28, 2013, headline in Settler Channel 7. It reported that foreign archeologists found a Tuborg beer can-opener inside a sealed chamber in Sussita. If Israel's claims that the site wasn't touched are true, then Tuborg enjoyed business in the Holy Land more than 2,000 years ago!

In other words, Israel systematically attempts to create what George Orwell called in 1984 "Memory Holes,"+ a fairytale that the state calls "history" while selling tickets to its national parks.
James Ossuary
James Ossuary: "Yaakov ben Yosef ahui Yeshua"
James Son of Joseph Brother of Jesus

Industrial Archeology Agent Hit by Israel
Archeological forgery can reach amazing dimensions in the Holy Land. Many years ago I dealt for a while with mass-spectrometry. Against all odds, a research center related to ours was asked to help in an exceptional case. A forged item had been sprinkled with atomized gold so that it could be claimed that it had survived the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans, the gold was attributed to golden-artifacts that burned in the wild fire. The artifact was proven to be a forgery that could have been created only by a rich laboratory, probably State-funded.
James Ossuary
James Ossuary Text on front center-right
Ancient Egyptian Tombs: The Culture of Life and Death
The current affair is related to a different artifact, known as the Jehoash Tablet, which is claimed to date back to the 9th Century BC. Its text was written by King Jehoash;*he explains the bad condition of the Temple and commands that money the priests collect be used to restore it. It fits the described in II Kings 12:1-17.
As with other groundbreaking artifacts, the tablet mysteriously belonged to Mr. Oded Golan. He also discovered the James Ossuary, claimed to belong to the brother of Jesus. This item was featured by the Discovery Channel and the Journal of Biblical Archaeology Review in October 2002. There is no doubt that the ossuary is authentic; however, the scripture on it is questioned.
Jehoash Tablet Text Transcription with wild assumptions
Jehoash Tablet Text Transcription with wild assumptions

The Jehoash Tablet is significant for the State as its is a clear confirmation of the Biblical text and of the existence of the First Temple, built by Salomon. Indefatigable**state agents confiscated it in 2003, and charged collector Oded Golan with forging it and other antiquities in order to sell them. Apparently, the attempted approach was "let's take it, and later get the Court recognize our ownership." This is probable, Israeli Courts have a bad reputation.
Yet, something went wrong this time. The Court invited experts to analyze the tablet. The usual trick did not work. The experts kept claiming that there was no way of proving that the artifact was a forgery; they failed to understand that that was the second stage planned by the State. In despair, the Court kept bringing new experts until they reached the amazing number of 130. The Supreme Court gave up on August 2013, when it ruled that the State couldn't prove its contention that the tablet was faked.
Surprised, Mr. Golan started a secondary process that ended yesterday. Against its will, the Supreme Court forced the State to return what it has robbed.
It is impossible to end such an article without an amusing remark. By recognizing Israel's illegitimate robbery from citizens, the Supreme Court has provided a collateral corroboration of Israel's historical claims. After all, while Esau was on the verge of death,++ didn't Jacob trick his birthright?

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