Tuesday, October 22

Running for a Brighter Palestine

This weekend Team Iqraa will be Running for a Brighter Palestine -- again!

The Marine Corps Marathon takes place this Sunday, October 27th.

Earlier this month, I introduced you to two new runners. Today, I am highlighting one of our returning runners, Maha Ahmed.

Maha ran last year for the first time and she is back. Why run again?
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 "I run for Iqraa to raise money for a scholarship program that provides university-level education opportunities to Palestinian youths who otherwise could not afford one.

Like many parents, I recently experienced the excitement and euphoria of getting my own children ready for the start of a new school year. Buying new clothes, school supplies, and dorm essentials; travelling near and far to get them to their schools; and attending back-to-school activities, eager to find out about the programs, teachers, events, and friends that will shape their lives now and in the future.

Your generous contribution to this and other UPA programs will help many needy Palestinian parents experience the same pride and exhilaration at the prospect of improving the lives of their children and their communities. Please help make the wish for an education a reality for every Palestinian child."

Will you donate today?

Let's support Maha and all those who are inspired to commit year after year.

Their dedication is inspirational. Donate now for a brighter Palestine.

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