Tuesday, October 1

Israeli army confirms: Palestinian killed near Gaza border was unarmed

Golani Brigade soldiers opened fire on two Palestinians after watch post identified them as armed; IDF probe confirms the two weren’t in fact carrying weapons.

Haaretz via the ugly truth 
According to Palestinians, the man, 38, was from the Bureij refugee camp and was not involved with any operations of any militant groups in Gaza.
An IDF watch post discovered two Palestinians close to the border, and reported that they were armed. Soldiers from the Golani Brigade, stationed in the area, opened fire on the two suspects. One was killed and the other was wounded and questioned. According to an army report, one other Palestinian fled the scene.
Roughly 10 days ago, IDF soldiers opened fire on two other Palestinans who approached the border fence near the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Before they opened fire, the soldiers reported that the Palestinians were throwing rocks at IDF troops, and causing damage to the border fence.

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