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IDF Goes "Women-Clean"

Jerusalem hath grievously sinned; therefore she is removedLamentations 1:8

IDF Goes "Women-Free" would have been a clearer title for English speakers. Yet, since the topic is related to the Jewish view of women as religiously impure, I literally translated the Hebrew definition "naki menashim." IDF Goes "Women-Clean."

The scoop was announced by the Ultra-Orthodox newspaper HaMebaser on October 18, 2013, and was confirmed by the IDF Spokesman.
Last year, Israel enforced Ultra-Orthodox Jews conscription.+ That was one of the reasons that caused Netanyahu to call for early elections and to lose a significant part of his political power afterwards.++ Since then, the number of enrolling Ultra-Orthodox Jews is increasing. With them, the number of problems the IDF faces increases. One of them is related to female-soldiers; the IDF is rather mixed despite dormitories kept separated from men and women.
Ultra-Orthodox Jew Entering the IDF Tel HaShomer Recruitment Base
Ultra-Orthodox Jew Entering the IDF Tel HaShomer Recruitment Base
The Impurity Systems of Qumran and the Rabbis
"Shahar" is the name of the Ultra-Orthodox conscription plan implemented by the IDF. In a fashion favored by Hebrew, this acronym forms the word "Dawn," but means "Haredi Integration."
This is an inconsiderate error since also Hassidic Jews* are part of the program. This shows how little secular Jews, who form the majority of the army, understand their religious brothers. This is not random. Zionists historically evolved from the uneducated rows of Jewish settlements in Europe of the 19th century, those who never cared to study and forcefully imposed their will on others. Nothing has changed since then.
The first attempt to integrate the Ultra-Orthodox was in Nahal Battalion 97, an infantry unit including exclusively Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Nahal is the Hebrew acronym of Noar Halutzi Lohem (Fighting Pioneer Youth). It refers to an IDF unit that combines military service and establishment of new agricultural settlements and various social projects. Their military band is considered the best in the army. Now it also has the only Jewish-religious infantry battalion in the world.
After an initial period, other units opened to soldiers of the Dawn Program. That meant that conscripts passed a short army-introduction course and then an army-profession course. Since due to their religious studies they have a sound understanding of logic, computer programming was one of the paths opened for them. The large image below shows former IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi visiting such a course. Note the female secretary in his group.
IDF Chief of Staff in Shahar Programming Course
IDF Chief of Staff in Shahar Programming Course
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This path meant the integration of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the bulk of the army, where female-soldiers abound. In Holy Cows is a testimony of an encounter between an Ultra-Orthodox soldier and a dirty-mouthed secular female-soldier. Both sides regretted the meeting.
The Big Bang
"Ultra-Orthodox Jews joining professional courses" means their passing through a very large military base called Tzrifin. Built by the British halfway between Jaffa and Ramle, it hosts the largest concentration of IDF training bases, though it soon will move to Las Vegas, Israel.
An Ultra-Orthodox soldier interviewed by HaMebaser complained even of the shared dining room, saying "We ate on different tables, but female-soldiers sat on the fringes, thing that opposed the Dawn Program claim that there will no problem of 'protecting the eyes' [i.e. they shouldn't be worried about being tempted by female-soldiers]. When we left the dining room, there always were female-soldiers nearby. We couldn't complain because our commanders couldn't solve the problem."
A secular commander of Dawn said "the IDF does whatever it can to solve the modesty problems of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, but you must understand that even today the army doesn't know how to eat all their modesty requests."
Following the increase in the number of Ultra-Orthodox conscripts, the problem became acute. The solution was implemented urgently within the Tzrifin Base, despite it being in dismantlement process. A new Ultra-Orthodox Base will be active in the following weeks. Female-soldiers will be denied entrance.
In their indefatigable rush, the IDF commanders didn't think twice before placing the new Ultra-Orthodox base next to Bahad 12 ("Instruction Base 12"), the IDF female-soldiers apprenticeship base.
RAFAEL's anti-tank Spike missile showed by an instructor of the IDF Field Corps Command
Sight of the past?
Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East
Special Notice
Under the leadership of Mr. Evo Morales, recipient of the 2006 Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights, I have been declared a Political Prisoner of Bolivia. The situation is acute, Western Human Rights organizations care not about those speaking against Israel, they do not care about those suffering under the violent hands of one of the main suppliers of "special sugar" to the West.
I attach here the bulk of a recent letter I sent to my lawyers, Despite their good will and astounding experience they failed to save my life. I am being punished illegitimately by beasts. I will keep publishing for as much as I can, but I am unlikely tpo survive here. Here is the text:

I apologize for this obviously incomplete email, the reason for my withholding much of what is relevant will become obvious.
I have been violated in several occasions by the Bolivian Government. The technique was constant. I was gassed unconscious in my room (both in the church and the guesthouses) and they entered the room and committed crimes.
It has stopped since I have solved the gassing attempts, and started to secure my room upon entrance. Next time they try it will mean my death. They know that.
One of the violations consisted in the introduction of magnetic-operated electrodes in my mouth. Breaking gums, nerves and filling with my bare fingers I had pulled them out. I can’t stand the pain anymore. Visiting dentists here is impossible; in no way can I secure the event.
Other tortures include low-voltage electrocution through my bed and shoes. I have solved this.
I have no access to safe water and food.
These are not Bolivian technologies. The last item invented by the people inhabiting the area was dehydrated potatoes. They never developed writing. They just copy from others.
Other tortures and constant pressure form my days here. Yet, I have published every day, unless facing urging administrative issues with the site, mainly fixing attacks on it.
I can’t withstand it any more. My mouth is an open wound. My throat has not healed from the Bolivian Government attack on 2009. My nose and hears are being torn apart. I can’t be more detailed over the web.
A few months from now, my American ATM card will expire. Afterwards, I will be on the streets and probably dead within a few hours.
Tortured by Bolivia
+ Jewish Orthodoxy and the Army. On August 22, 1999, the then Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak appointed the Tal Committee, which dealt with the special exemption from mandatory military service in the IDF given to ultra-Orthodox Jews (Haredim and Hasidim). It was headed by retired Justice Tzvi Tal; thus it was named after him. On July 23, 2002, the Tal Law, based on the committee results, was passed in the Knesset. It enabled the continuation of the IDF service-exempt given to yeshiva members ("yeshiva" means "sitting" in Hebrew; it is the name of Jewish religious colleges). At the age of 22, yeshiva members would receive a year of decision in which they would need to choose to continue their studies or to go to work. Those who choose to go out of the yeshiva and work would need to choose between a minimalist army service of four months, and then reserve duties according to the army's needs, or a civilian service of one year. The service would be done in special IDF units organized according to religious needs, like Nahal Battalion 97 (the IDF has several ethnic units, see Explosion in Sinai).
Secular Jews opposed the law, claiming that it discriminated against them by being forcing them (by default because they don't get a similar exemption) to serve at least three years in the IDF. Yet, using half-hidden laws, secular Jews can also get service exemptions. In 2005, the State admitted in a response to a Supreme Courtbagatz petition, that the Tal Law had failed to change enlistment practices of Orthodox Jews. Back then, only a few dozen ultra-Orthodox Jews enlisted in the army as a result of the law; by the beginning of 2012, the number was still below 900. In 1974, only 2.4% of high school graduates about to enrol in the IDF were exempt because they were yeshiva members. In 1999, they were 9.2%; it was 15% in 2012. These numbers are a clear sign of a very benevolent discrimination by the State of Israel towards Haredim and Hasidim. Yet, the same secular Jews who petitioned the High Court on their own behalf do not oppose other types of discrimination enforced by the IDF towards other minorities.
On February 21, 2012, the Supreme Court of Israel annulled the "Tal Law," with a majority of 6 justices against 3. Dorit Beinisch, then President of the Court supported the decision: "we can help to bring a gradual change," she said. Asher Dan Grunis, who later replaced her, opposed the decision. He said that the thought the court would bring Haredim to serve in the IDF is "an illusion." "It doesn't help the status of the court, we won't bring change," he added. In August, the law expired and became one of the main reasons that forced Netanyahu to call for early elections. The main argument of the Orthodox leaders is that they care about their youth, who want nothing but to study Torah. In the West, politicians are expected "to lead" their people. It is never clear what that means. "Lead" to where? "Lead" to what? Don't expect practical answers in their speeches; don't expect to find any practical way of measuring their performance. Their system is defined to facilitate lies. In contrast, Asian leaders are expected "to take care" of their electorate. There is no clearer evidence that Christianity is an Asian religion, it couldn't have appeared anywhere else; Jesus is portrayed in the Bible as the Good Shepherd who takes care of the people. Jewish Orthodoxy behaves to some extent in this fashion while Jewish secularism is busy "leading the people" to perdition. This behavior wrongly sounds manipulative to the secular crowd.
This is not the entire picture. An important part of the religious Jews is made up by the abovementioned Religious-Zionists, who go to the army as seculars do. For the sake of American readers, I must emphasize that all of them practice Orthodox Judaism; Reform and Conservative Jews are not part of this. Following the elections, Naftali Bennet, their leader, is in a tough situation. He has a long history with Netanyahu; it began with love and ended with hatred and a wild attack on him by Netanyahu in the last days of the campaign. Contacts, between Bennet and Lapid in an attempt to form an alliance against Netanyahu were announced publicly. Yet, this is not something Bennett can sell to his electorate. The Bible is above the secular state, allying a heretic "rabbit eater" is absolutely non-kosher. On the same day, leading rabbis belonging to Religious-Zionism caused a major earthquake, signalling a realignment of Israeli politics. The donkey of the Messiah is about to be dismissed. (See Amalek Hits Israel)
Which donkey? Jewish redemption is far from the Spiritual Redemption professed by Christians. Jews expect a physical redemption based on a Godly Kingdom in the Land of Israel. All the religious interpretations until the 19th Century didn’t leave any place to a Zionist party rushing to conquer Arab lands. That was the role of a future Messiah. Thus, any cooperation between Zionists and Orthodox Jews was impossible.
Then a Maoist-styled Giant Leap Forward took place and things changed. Traditionally, the Jewish Orthodoxy believed that the abovementioned redemption would arrive in two stages. The early stage is called “Messiah Son of Joseph,” and would include the physical stages of bringing the Jewish people together; this stage is symbolized by a bull. The second stage is the “Messiah Son of David,” when a spiritual Messiah would restore the Kingdom of God. This stage is symbolized by a donkey; Christian readers would immediately recognize Jesus triumphal entry to Jerusalem riding one (John 12:12-16). In the 19th Century, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, was one of the Orthodox Jews who created the base for cooperation between Zionists and Pharisees.
What he did was simple, and is known as “Hamoro shel Mashiah” (“Messiah’s Donkey” in Hebrew, a book by this name was published in 1998). He claimed the secular Jews (i.e. the Zionists) can take the place of “Messiah Son of Joseph” as a collective entity, creating the base that would allow the Pharisees – the Orthodox Jews – to produce the “Messiah Son of David” in the new and secular state. It worked. The political alliance produced a state accepted by most Jews. Neturei Karta is one of the few Jewish groups that do not accept this unholy contraption. Yet, these days, the wheel is starting to turn backwards. (See Who Killed Rabbi Ovadia Yosef?)
++ See Elections 2013
* Ultra-Orthodox Judaism is divided into two main groups. For unknown reasons, both Haredim and Hasidim favor clothes that were fashionable in the 17th Century Eastern Europe. Even their Mizrahi and Sephardic members dress in such a way. Not only does that make little sense in the hot summers of the Holy Land, but it also makes differentiating between these two groups a Herculean task (please forgive my Greek digression). Yet, they differ in their interpretation of Judaism more than Catholic and Evangelic groups do in Christianity.
"Haredim" owe their name to Prophet Isaiah: "Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word" (Isaiah 66:5). The Hebrew word "harada" means "fearful," "anxious." Thus Haredim are those who fear the word of God and thus are the more legalistic followers of the Jewish religion. Yet, they do not base themselves on the Bible for their observance of the law, but mainly on interpretations appearing in the Talmud and related literature. They are also known as Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Within this large group, there is an important subdivision. There are "Haredim" and "Lithuanian Haredim," the last belong to groups linked to the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
"Hasidim" owe their name to the Hebrew word "hesed," which means "kindness," or "charity." They separated from the Haredim in the 18th Century, when Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov began preaching for a less legalistic interpretation of the Pentateuch, for a Judaism based on spirituality and joy. Instead, he created a branch that is characterized by the veneration of leadership as intercessors of God. In the past, some Haredim defined them as a sect. The ultra-mystical Kabbalist Jews may be found in Hasidic and Haredi-bound yeshivot (colleges).

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