Sunday, October 13

Finkelstein speaking on Justice in Egypt and the new Peace Process

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation hosted "The Meeting for Justice in Egypt" on 31 Aug and 1 Sept 2013 in Istanbul in attendance were more than 50 jurists and activists from 20 countries such as USA, Spain, France, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, Libya, Tunis, Egypt and Turkey including Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Mirelle Fanon-Mendes, Hadi Shalluf and Ibrahim Munir.
Egyptian women take part in their first Elections.
Egyptian woman casts her vote.

"Sometimes people get obsessed with the surfaces"

"…Many, musilim women here are so smart, so energetic and so committed, it is deeply inspiring…I wish more people in the west… people who call themselves secular and liberal and leftist meet these women and just stop looking at the surface, at the veils and see these peoples hearts and souls and also their brains; smart women, smart and committed."  — Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein & Yousef Munayyer on the new "Peace Process"


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